Business leaders predicted what 2000 would be like

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What do you think Utah businesses would look like in 50 years?

Well, some business leaders during the 1950′s predicted what Salt Lake City would be like in 2000. About a dozen letters written by “the most prominent business men of the day” were found recently in a time capsule discovered in the Crandall Building (100 South and Main Street).

The time capsule was bricked into the wall by First Federal Savings and Loan’s president, Mr. Met Dye, for the grand opening in 1959. That capsule was forgotten after the company relocated in the 1970s and was only recently recovered while renovating the building.

Names like Albert Ray Olpin, Anton F. Peterson, Arthur F. Kelly, W.T. Nightingale, E.M. Naughton and the Chamber’s own former secretary Gus P. Backman (better known as “Mr. Salt Lake”) were among those who submitted letters to be opened in 2000.

While Mr. Backman predicted that Salt Lake City’s Main Street would extend from Ogden to Provo, Mr. Kelly anticipated that motor vehicles like cars and motorcycles would be airborne. While some of the predictions are beyond our time even now, others were pretty close to what we have in today’s world as well as in Salt Lake.

Click each name below to see a just a few of the letters contained in the time capsule.

Description of Contents
Anton F. Peterson – President of the Salt Lake Tribune
Albert Ray Olpin – President of the University of Utah
Arthur F. Kelly – Western Airlines
W.T. Nightingale – Mountain Fuel Supply Company
M.L. Dye – First Federal Savings and Loan
Gus P. Backman – Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce
E.M. Naughton – Utah Power and Light Company

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So now it’s your turn. What do you think Salt Lake City will look in 2050?

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