Business Leaders discuss Economic Development at CEO Roundtable

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Business leaders spoke openly about strengthening Utah's economy during the CEO Roundtable.

A group of 30 business leaders gathered at the Chamber this morning for a frank discussion of the Chamber’s role in economic development in our state.

“This was a great opportunity to bring some remarkable business minds together in a room to discuss the biggest issue we face in the state today,” said Jake Boyer, chair of the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors. “We’re focused on a number of issues but they all tie back to economic development.”

The group discussed the state’s current economic development efforts and heard from both Derek Miller of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Jeff Edwards of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah.

Last summer, the Chamber Board of Governors declared economic development to be the top policy priority of the business community. Efforts with education, energy policy, health system reform and others, all contribute to a stronger economic climate in the state and serve to strengthen existing business while attracting companies that diversify and fortify Utah’s economy.