Chamber adventures at Utah Olympic Park

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That word was screamed at least once at the Chamber’s annual staff retreat last week.

Early on Friday morning, we all retreated into the Wasatch mountains to the Utah Olympic Park. Despite some people’s fear of heights, it was a great opportunity for all of us to let loose, bond with each other and have a great time.

“It was fun to not just work with co-workers, but to play with them,” said Ann Marie Thompson, WBC Business Consultant. “Bonding is really important so we can do a better job at what we do. Happy people make good workers.”

Although the Olympic Park is a pitstop for any winter athlete passing through Utah, there are still plenty for us regular folk to do there in the summer. While none of us went off the ski jumps, we could test our limits at the Park’s new Adventure Courses, get educated at the Olympic Park museum, hit the alpine slide, zip down the mountain on one of two zip lines or opt to speed around the bobsled track at 70 mph.

So yes, it was definitely adventure time for the Chamber staff.

Anyone who tried the airborne Adventure courses knows that they were no easy feat–and the camaraderie we shared as we cheered each other on was one of my favorite parts of the day. Well, that and sitting alongside Chamber President and CEO Lane Beattie on the way up to the zip lines and hearing his story about flying in an F-16 fighter jet.

One of the biggest lessons I learned at our staff retreat was that it’s not a bad thing to trust your instincts and rely on those around you when you need it. See how you can apply those lessons today.


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