Daynes Music celebrates 150 years of business

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Along with being one of the Chamber’s very first members, Daynes Music is also one of the oldest family-led companies in not only the West, but the entire country.

This week, Daynes Music is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary. Since 1862, Daynes has served as a kind of cultural glue for Utah families and also in our business community.

John Daynes founded the company in 1862, and a little over a decade later, Daynes Music started selling Steinway & Sons pianos. The store is now the oldest Steinway dealership in the United States.

In 1902, John Daynes handed over the reins to Royal W. Daynes, who helped fund the Utah Philharmonic, the forerunner of today’s Utah Symphony.

When Royal’s son, Gerald R. Daynes took over in 1950, Daynes housed the offices and scenery of the Utah Civic Ballet, which later became Ballet West.

When fourth-generation Skip Daynes became president in 1967, he saved Daynes from bankruptcy, turned it into a successful business and has continued to do so ever since. It was also under Skip, when Daynes Music opened their new store on Main Street, which opened its doors to the Utah Opera as storage and rehearsal space.

Through Skip’s tenure as president, he’s seen the transformation technology has had on music and has been eager to embrace it. One of the company’s innovations is the PNOscan, which is a tiny optical sensor that can be installed beneath the keyboard of a piano and hooked up to a computer via USB port to transcribe and record music played digitally.

Also along with the help of the University of Utah, Daynes Music is sponsoring Uplay Piano, an interactive internet teaching program for elementary schools. This program is the only one of its kind and is part of an effort to offer music education to students who may not have that kind of opportunity.

The Chamber would like to congratulate Daynes Music on their 150th anniversary and also thank Daynes for its never-ending contribution to our community.

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