Does cost stop you from connecting?

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High-speed internet connectivity is almost a “must have” for everyone today.  It touches literally every aspect of your personal and family life, from personal finances, employment opportunities, entertainment and informational sources for educational needs. And that’s just to mention a few.

More and more schools throughout the state and nation are also moving rapidly towards “digital” and “online” education, placing many students and families without easy and regular access to this resource at a distinct disadvantage.

According to a study on broadband adoption by the Federal Communications Commission, 60 percent of low-income households (with annual incomes of less than $20,000) do not subscribe to high-speed internet service, compared to 35 percent of the entire U.S. population. Among those Americans who do not have broadband at home, 36 percent cited the cost of the service and equipment as the deterrent, while 22 percent cited a “lack of digital literacy.”

To help get more low-income households online, CenturyLink is offering discounted high-speed internet service starting at less than $10 per month*, an Internet-ready netbook computer for $150, a free comprehensive suite of backup, security and support services, in addition to basic computer education and technology training at no cost to “Internet Basics” customers. You can learn more about the “Internet Basics” program here.

“CenturyLink is pleased to offer affordable high-speed internet service and computers to those who need help getting online,” said Larry Walters, CenturyLink’s vice president and general manager for Salt Lake City.

This program is designed specifically to overcome the cost of service barrier, the high cost of computer equipment and to simplify and customize the specific training needs of customers to improve their “digital literacy” in a comfortable setting, usually close to home in local community groups, senior centers, as well as schools, libraries, and other state locations.

*$9.95 per month plus taxes and fees



This guest blog was written by Flemming Jensen, market development manager of CenturyLink, as part of the Chamber’s “From Our Board” guest blog series. 

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