Mayor Becker meets with Capitol Club

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Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker fielded questions from the Salt Lake Chamber Capitol Club this morning.

Mayor Becker is campaigning for a second term in office. He discusses everything from the Occupy Salt Lake movement to the city’s non-discrimination ordinance to his plans for the next four years should he win re-election.

The mayor said this is the biggest time of change in our city since the valley was originally settled.

“I meet with other mayors from around the country quite often and I’m almost emberassed to talk about SLC and what’s going on here,” said Becker. “There is so much positive news in our city, it’s a stark contrast to the rest of the country.”

Mayor Becker fielded a question about the city’s handling of the Occupy Salt Lake City protests. He praised the Salt Lake City Police Department for its calm approach. He said Occupy Salt Lake City is certainly costing us more for police protection but, “that’s the price of protecting free speech.”

Becker also answered questions regarding the non-discrimination ordinance. He said the support of so many in the community, including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was key to it’s passing and to what he called the, “seamless transition.”

Looking ahead, economic development throughout the city and energy conservation will be a priority. Education is another issue he would like to take on.

Becker says his plans are still in the early stages but he did mention the need to better utilize technology and measuring achievement.

“Education is a great economic development tool,” said Becker.

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