Taking our issues to the nation’s capital

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I was honored to participate in the governor’s Immigration Summit at the State Capitol last week. More than anything, it was important to bring together so many people, with diverse views on, and similar passion for, the issue. Bringing these parties together, where most expressed a desire for a civil debate as we move forward, was an outcome worthy of applause.

When we realize that each argument—from either side and in the middle—has value. When we choose to respect those who disagree with us, we can work together to find a solution. The truth is, we’re all in this together and we ultimately have one common goal: to make Utah better.

For over two years, the Chamber has endorsed an employer-sponsored work program. Moving forward we will continue to push for a solution from the federal government. We also need to understand that any action by the state on the immigration issue will have an effect on our economy. Utah deserves a solution that is uniquely suited to this one-of-a kind state.

Members of our federal delegation want to understand the position of the business community on immigration as well as the other issues. To help make that happen, we’re taking a group of business leaders to the nation’s capital from September 12-15.

I encourage you to join us as we meet with members of our delegation and get valuable insight in four policy tracks including energy, health care, international business and technology.

You can find more information on the trip, including special airfare offers by clicking here.

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