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Chamber statement on Supreme Court ruling on immigration

The Supreme Court's ruling on the immigration case, Arizona v. United States, reinforces the Salt Lake Chamber's commitment to The Utah Compact, in particular its first principle stating that immigration requires federal solutions.
As the majority stated, "The government of the United States has broad, undoubted power over the subject of immigration and the status of aliens."
Further, the Court acknowledged that "with power comes responsibility, and the sound exercise of national power over immigration depends on the Nation's meeting its responsibility to base its laws on a political will informed by searching, thoughtful, rational civic discourse."
Now that the Court has clarified the role of federal and state governments in relation to immigration policy, we reaffirm the message delivered in an open letter to each member of Utah's congressional delegation and published in the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News on Nov. 17, 2011, wherein we wrote, "It is wrong for elected leaders in Washington, D.C. to do nothing while states bear the burden of millions of undocumented people."
Previous points of contention have been ruled upon and clarified. Meaningful action to replace our broken immigration policy must take place in the halls of Congress and not at the Utah State Capitol.
We call on those elected to represent Utah in Congress to unify and embrace a comprehensive solution to our nation’s flawed and outdated immigration system. In our judgment, this solution should include support for visa reform, support for a national approach to E-Verify, support for enhanced border security and, until we have federal reform, support of the Utah governor and attorney general as they pursue a waiver or pilot program to implement Utah’s guest worker law.  It is convenient for each member of the delegation to have their own approach to solving the immigration problem, however fragmentation and division will only prolong the status quo and continue to put public safety and the Utah economy at risk.
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