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Supreme Court ruling on Affordable Care Act

SALT LAKE CITY- (June 28, 2012) The Salt Lake Chamber supports public policies that strengthen the Utah economy. Health care comprises 13 percent of the Utah economy, and today’s Supreme Court decision cleared up some of the legal uncertainty in this large and important industry. Unfortunately, significant uncertainty remains and the Utah economy will continue to be compromised by the lack of economic leadership emanating from Washington, D.C.
We anticipate that over the next several months elected officials will continue to fight about not just health reform, but the serious fiscal uncertainties facing our country and a variety of unnecessary regulations that suppress growth. As a consequence, Utah businesses will delay hiring and investment decisions, or not make them at all. At a time when 81,800 Utahns remain unemployed, we expect our national elected officials to act with urgency to improve economic conditions.
We call upon Congress and the Administration to reduce uncertainty by putting our nation on a path to fiscal responsibility, clarifying health care and other regulations, and unifying to provide broad economic leadership that restores our national prosperity.

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