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Giant In Our City History

The Giant In Our City award was created in 1970.  The award was created to honor lives of exceptional and distinguished public service and extraordinary professional achievement.  It is considered the chamber’s most prestigious award and is given periodically by the Chamber’s Board of Governors.

2014: Michael O. Leavitt

Accomplished Businessman and Public Servant
April 10, 2014
As a business and community leader, Governor Michael O. Leavitt has dedicated his time to the betterment of our country and state. He served as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and 14th (three-term) governor of Utah. Gov. Leavitt’s distinguished career has earned him the reputation as a skilled problem solver, coalition-builder and diplomat able to form bipartisan partnerships with diverse stakeholders that achieve extraordinary results. We cordially invite you to join us in honoring a great Utah statesman.

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2013: A. Scott Anderson

President and Chief Executive Officer of Zions First National Bank
March 27, 2013
A. Scott Anderson is a business and community leader, dedicated to creating value to the
Intermountain West.  As President and Chief Executive Officer of Zions First National Bank, Anderson has helped energize communities by stimulating economic development, home ownership and supporting small businesses. He has bolstered local arts organizations so that future generations benefit from the state’s vibrant cultural landscape. Known as a consensus builder, Scott Anderson championed the development of the Utah Science, Technology and Research Initiative. His efforts have helped to engage top researchers and companies to create high-paying, high-technology jobs in the state. His work for the United Way of Salt Lake has brought financial stability and education to hundreds of families. His example demonstrates how we can create harmony in our neighborhoods and cities by working together.  For his outstanding professional achievements and superior, dedicated service to the people of Utah, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to honor Scott Anderson as A Giant in Our City.

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2013: Harris H. Simmons

President and Chief Executive Officer of Zions Bancorporation
March 27, 2013
Harris H. Simmons is a business and community leader, dedicated to creating value in the western United States. As Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zions Bancorporation, Simmons has spent more than three decades enhancing his father Roy’s legacy to build one of the best banking franchises in the nation. He has successfully grown and managed the company “Collection of Great Banks” to a regional stronghold with nearly 500 offices in ten western and southwestern states. Through his leadership, the company enjoys a stellar reputation and nationally recognized success in small business lending and industry innovation. Dedicated to the arts, Simmons played a key role in the creation of Salt Lake County’s Zoo, Arts and Parks tax. Thanks to his leadership and vision, the county now generates millions of dollars annually to support the development of cultural, artistic, and recreational opportunities within the county. For his outstanding professional achievements and superior, dedicated service to the people of Utah, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to honor Harris Simmons as A Giant in Our City.

2012: Kem C. Gardner

Chairman of The Gardner Company
February 29, 2012
Kem Gardner is a community builder, civic leader and dedicated family man. His professional life has focused on transforming blighted city blocks into vibrant communities. With Roger Boyer, his partner of over three decades, Kem guided redevelopment projects including The Gateway and One Utah Center. When Kem launched The Gardner Company, he instilled this same focus on renewing communities through development. Kem served nearly three decades as a Trustee and eventually Chair of Intermountain Healthcare, helping it become one of the most respected health care systems in the world. He served as Chairman of both the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors and the United Way of Salt Lake. He has also been a major supporter of the arts, most notably with Utah Symphony and Utah Opera. He played a significant role in the success of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, serving as one of the original incorporators of the bid committee. He was also pivotal to fundraising and medical efforts necessary for the Games.
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2011: Bishop H. David Burton

Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
March 16, 2011
Charity is the true manifestation of love and no one better applies that principle than Bishop Burton. He has orchestrated a renaissance of Utah’s capital city, reinvigorating commerce, supporting the arts and cultivating true community. Through his leadership of the church’s welfare program he has served the less fortunate here and abroad. He has led efforts to build transitional housing for the homeless, aid victims of natural disasters and funded community-enriching charities. We are better people and a better community because of his ability to lift and to love.

2010: Carolyn Tanner Irish

Carolyn Tanner Irish
Episcopal Diocese of Utah
O.C. Tanner Company
May 2010
Carolyn Tanner Irish’s leadership as the 10thBishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, the first female leader of a major denomination in the state, and her role as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the O.C. Tanner Company, have provided different but philosophically consistent outlets for her greatest passion: championing people. As a spiritual leader she counsels, advises and heals. As a business leader her priorities remain the same. A pioneer among pioneers, she reaches out to the greater community with a sense of purpose, providing physical, artistic and intellectual beauty. Her sense of responsibility in creating stable jobs and lives has affected untold thousands in the state. Indeed, her actions foster the very essence of the word community. Carolyn’s ability to reach out and build a sense of oneness between the religious and the secular, commerce and community, makes her A Giant In Our City. 

2009: Ellis Ivory

Ellis Ivory
Ivory Homes
May 2009
Thousands of Utahns are proud to call a house built by Ivory Homes, their home. A passionate and accomplished businessman, Ellis ivory is dedicated to family, faith and community. Balance in the many facets of his life has been the key to his success and happiness. For more than four decades, Ellis had played a significant role in developing communities that are the strength of our state. As founder of Ivory Homes, he directed Utahs leading residential land developer through periods of growth and decline, adapting along the way. When market conditions favored the addition of home construction to the ivory business plan, the company grew to be Utahs number one home builder- a title it has held for over two decades. Ellis believes in giving back to the community. A former chair of the Desert News Board, he has also served as Chair of the This is the Place Heritage Park for the past three years. Under his leadership, annual park attendance has quadrupled. Through the years, Ellis has balanced business, family and faith, with remarkable success. There have been challenges along the way but with persistence he overcame every obstacle, answered the call to serve and proved to be an extraordinary leader. For his outstanding professional achievements and superior, dedicated serve to the people of Utah, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to name Ellis Ivory a Giant in our City.  

2009: Roger Boyer

Roger Boyer
The Boyer Company
May 2009
Utahns have come together for decades, living, playing, shopping and working in attractive settings built by Roger Boyer. He develops much more than just commercial property; he crafts a sense of community. Simply put: Roger Boyer builds business in Utah. Tall in stature, quiet and gentle in demeanor, Roger has dramatically altered landscapes throughout the state and beyond. As chairman of the Boyer Company, he established one of the largest developers of commercial real estate in the Intermountain region and continues to expand throughout the Untied States. In all, the Boyer Company has developed over 24 million square feet of commercial projects over nearly four decades. The descendent of Mormon pioneers, roger has a deep-rooted love for Utah. With legacy projects including One Utah Center and The Gateway to his credit, he has improved and beautified the landscape of our state. His greatest accomplishments are found beyond buildings and board rooms. He has provided service to many organizations, improving life for Utahans. Above all, Roger is a man of faith and family. He and his wife Sara have eight children and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. For his outstanding professional achievements and superior, dedicated service to the people of Utah, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to name Roger Boyer a Giant in our City.

2008: William H. Nelson

William H. Nelson
Intermountain Healthcare
April 2008
Bill Nelson brings people together. His leadership skills and personality are a catalyst that melds talent, technology, and systems into new and better combinations. He sees beneath the surface of popular trends in the healthcare industry and takes decisive action based upon core values. Intermountain Healthcare benefited from Bill’s leadership- as consultant in 1975, chief financial officer in 1976, COO in 1955, and since 1999 as president and CEO. He worked on improving facilities including building intermountain Medical Center in 2007. He pushed technology to manage costs and improve safety and continuity of care. He successfully aligned hospitals, physicians, and health plans. The community benefited as Bill led Intermountain to provide healthcare valued at hundreds of millions of dollars annually for those who are unable to pay. He led the Salt Lake Chamber from 1998-1999 as board chair. He worked with the Utah Symphony & Opera, the United Way of Salt Lake, Westminster College, the Utah Shakespearean Festival, and more. He and his wife Christine, supported the creation of the Ouelessebougou-Utah Alliance, giving Utahans the opportunity to help communities in Africa. In all these things he has brought people together. Together to build one of the strongest healthcare systems in the nation. Together to reach out to the needy among us. Together to bring Utah caring to the other side of the globe. For his visionary guidance of intermountain healthcare for over 33 years, and for his dedicated service to the people of Utah, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to name Bill Nelson a Giant in our City.

2007: Larry H. Miller

Larry H. Miller
Larry H. Miller Group of Companies
February 2007
Whether throwing a softball, starting a non-profit charity, or creating another successful corporation or entertainment center, Larry H. Miller launches with precision, finesse, and an aim that hits the target every time. He take success and multiplies it. His hands-on ability to work hard is legendary. He loves competition, yet never takes advantage of others. He keeps his word. Larry H. Millers mind can stretch from the minutest details to the overarching vision. He knows how to take action, because he is forethought- the NBA franchise is every Utahans’ pride and joy. Larry H. Miller is a man who doesn’t just build for today- but sees how things can grow into the future. Even if it were possible that his name could be forgotten, the lasting effects of his legacy would continue to stretch out and define our communities character. You can see the miller touch throughout the Intermountain West in his dealerships, entertainment venues and franchises, charities, scholarships, and educational institutions. In fact, his presence is so persuasive in our community that he requires no more of an introduction than his personal tagline “You know this guy!” And we know him because he has touched our lives, entertained us, and made Utah a better place to live. For his entrepreneurial spirit, generosity, strong ethics, and down-to-earth humanity, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to recognize Larry H. Miller as a Giant in Our City.

2006: James LeVoy Sorenson

James LeVoy Sorenson
Sorenson Companies
February 2006
James LeVoy Sorenson is one of the most gifted inventions and business innovators of our time. He has created scores of ingenious medical products that have forever changed critical health care practice. Born in 1921, he grew up in a tar paper shack in Yuba City, California. He learned the two approaches to impossible challenges are “I cant do it”, or “I cant do it-yet”. He chooses the I cant do it-yet” approach. His true genius lies in asking the right questions and then working to get the right answers. He always seeks the better way. He observes. He postulates. He acts- and when he acts, his energetic confidence overcomes obstacles. He has an uncanny way of finding new solutions and turning them into new products that change lives-the first disposable surgical masks, a host of pioneering life saving catheters, blood recycling systems, and real time cardiovascular monitoring systems. He created a diverse family of enterprises including real estate development, information technology, genetic research, environmental testing, pharmaceutical, and philanthropic endeavors. His enterprises including have employed many. His medical devices have saved many. His philanthropy have helped many. But he would say that his greatest living legacy is his family. And with the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, he hopes to help bring the world together by showing all people how closely we are related as member of the human family. For his unbounded enthusiasm for innovation, for his dedication to building sound companies the make a difference, and for his generosity to many local and international causes, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to declare James LeVoy Sorenson a Giant in Our City.  

2005: Jon M. Huntsman

Jon M. Huntsman
Founder and Chairman Huntsman Corporation
March 2005
Jon. M Huntsman believes in giving. His success in the business world are many. His preeminence among corporate leaders is unassailable. But these are not the things that matter to him. These are not the things that make a true difference. These are not the things that make him a Giant in Our City. True, without his growing huntsman into a $12 billion corporation with 16,000 employees at 115 sites in 42 nations, he may not have garnered the admiration of the business world. But he would be no less worthy of it. It is his giving that marks him above other people. He did not wait to make billions to give what he had. It is part of his philosophy of life summed up in this quote from John Andrew Holmes that hangs on the wall behind his desk, “The greatest exercise of the human heart is to reach down and lift another up.” He has benefited throughout his life from others who helped him. He continues to pay back the debt. In a world of cynicism and greed, he lives in a world of optimism and charity. In this, he is supported by a large and loving family and by his faith in God. He has known challenges-but he turned those challenges into triumphs. An example of this impulse is the establishment and support of the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and many other gifts too numerous to mention. For his shrewd building of the largest family-owned business in the nation, his example of corporate and personal philanthropy, his determination to overcome adversity, and his commitment to this community, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to recognize Jon m. Huntsman as a Giant in Our City.
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2003: President Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon B. Hinckley
President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
October 2003
President Gordon B. Hinckley is a man who makes no claim to greatness. He shuns praise, but is the first to give it. He is a world leader, yet deeply loves Utah. He is a student of history, yet has vision that extends far into the future. He has strong beliefs and opinions, yet encourages tolerance and understanding As President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, his actions draw attention and admiration, yet President Hinckley attributes much of that notice to the office he holds rather than the man who holds it. To him it is the work the church does in the community that is worthy of this honor. Taken as a corporate citizen, with its world headquarters located in downtown Salt Lake City, the impact of the Church on the community and business is incalculable:
• Financial support of arts, culture, education, and charitable groups.
• Community involvement of Church-owned corporations.
• Investment in, and development of downtown properties and malls.
• Construction of landmark structures such as the Conference Center.
• Welfare and humanitarian efforts such as Welfare Square.
• Tourism attractions such as Temple Square and the Main Street Plaza.
• Cultural attractions such as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
• Educational endeavors such as LDS Business College and BYU.
• Support of the Olympic Winter Games.
For his optimistic assessment of what is possible, his spirit of tolerance, his unassuming manner, and for his love of people and of his community, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to recognize President Gordon B. Hinckley as A Giant in Our City.

2003: Don Cash and Nick Rose

R.D. “Don” Cash & D.N. “Nick” Rose
February 2003
In their combined 60 years of service at Questar, Don Cash and Nick Rose directed the company’s transformation into a major diversified Western energy company that takes special pride in being headquartered in Utah. Under Don and Nick’s direction Questar expanded its significant contributions to economic development, education, cultural arts, and the overall well being of the community. They created Questar-sponsored endowment funds for higher education and cultural arts. They organized the questar volunteer team though which employees donate thousands of hours to community service. They also served as chairs of the Salt Lake chamber’s Board of Governors and helped create the economic development corp. of Utah, both serving as chairs. Don and Nick provided long-standing support for salt lake’s quest to host the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, culminating the Questar gas being named the Games official Natural gas Supplier. But it is from the perspective of needy children that they truly take on giant-like stature. With Don and Nick’s support Questar volunteers have constructed playgrounds; hosted Christmas parties in disadvantaged areas; raised funds for a children’s abilities center; and supported a national conference to prevent child abuse, among various humanitarian projects. For a lifetime of professional accomplishments and community service for demonstrating the power of enlightened leadership and corporate citizenship, the Salt Lake Chamber is proud to recognize Questar leaders Don Cash and Nick Rose ad Giants in our City.

2002: W. Mitt Romney

W. Mitt Romney
Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002
April 2002
2012 Republican Presidential Nominee, 70th Govenor of Massachusetts, Salt Lake Organizing Committee president and CEO, Bain Capital Inc. CEO and Founder, Bain & Company Inc, CEO, Marriot International Director, Staples Inc. Director, The Points of Light Foundation Board, The Boy Scouts of America Board, Brigham Young University School of Management Board, Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors, Massachusetts Republican Candidate for US Senate 1994, Brigham Young University BA 1971, Harvard Business School MBA 1975, Baker Scholar, Harvard Law School JD cum laude 1975.  

2001: Spencer Eccles

Spencer F. Eccles
First Security Corporation 1960-2001
June 2001
First Security Corporation chairman of the board and CEO, Wells Fargo intermountain region chairman of the board, wells fargo & company board, union pacific corporation board, united states chamber of commerce board, U.S. ski and snowboard foundation board, intermountain health care board, moran eye center board, Primary Children’s Foundation board, Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee 2002, George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation President, Honorary Counsel of Finland for Utah, Wyoming & Idaho, Envision Utah Honorary Co-Chairman, University of Utah Treasurer, Former board of Directors for ZCMI amalgamated Sugar Co., Anderson Lumber Co., Federal reserve Bank of San Francisco, Association of Reserve City Bankers(Wash. D.C.), International Financial Conference, University of Utah’s Sesquicentennial Campaign Chairman, President Reagan’s grace commission Executive Committee, Recipient of seven honorary Doctorate Degrees, University of Utah distinguished alumni award, Utah Society to prevent blindness Person of Vision, National Conference of Christens and Jews, Brotherhood/Sisterhood Award, Utah Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame, Utah Bankers Association bankers of the year, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity National Oxford Cup Award, Governors office Business person of the Year, Utah Summer Games Hall of Fame, Legend in Utah Skiing award, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Father of the Year.   

2000: Verl Topham

Verl R. Topham
Senior Vice President and General Counsel PacficCrop, Senior Executive Utah Power
February 2000
Utah Power Board of Directors, State of Utah Chief Assistant Attorney General, Stewart Topham & Harding Partner, Utah Opera Chairman of the Board, Utah Shakespearean Festival Chairman of the Board, Utah Athletic Foundation Board, Westminster College Board and Chairman of the “Commitment Continues” Capital Campaign, Utah Symphony Board, Economic Development Corporation of Utah Board,  Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee, Executive Committee and Board, Salt lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Chairman Board of Governors, Family Counseling Center of Salt Lake City Chairman of the Board, Utah State Governors Health Care Policy Option Commission, National Advisory Board for the College of Business, University of Utah, First Interstate Bank of Utah, Governors Clean Air Commission, Utah State Constitutional Revision Commission, Utah State Coordinating Council of Natural Recourses, AFL-CIO Labor Management Community partnership Award, University of Utah Emeritus Alumni Association, Merit of Honor Award.   

1999: Scott S. Parker

Scott S. Parker
Chief Executive Officer Intermountain Health Care
June 1999
American Hospital Association Chairman, Bonneville International Corporation, Board of Directors, Executive and Compensation Committees, Economic Development Corporation of Utah, First Security Bank Corporation board of Directors Executive and Audit Committees, Governor’s Mansion Foundation Vice President, Huntsman Cancer Institute Board of Trustees, Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science, President and Executive Committee Questar Corporation Board of Directors and Management Performance Committee, Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors, University of Utah National Advisory Council, Utah Symphony Board of Directors Executive Committee and Chairman elect, Westminster College Capital Campaign Executive Committee

1998: Kenneth Y. Knight

Kenneth Y. Knight
Vice chairman Sinclair Oil Company, President Little America Hotel Company
May 1998
Brigham Young University Presidents Roundtable Member, Brigham Young University Capital Campaign, Major Gifts Committee Chairman, Desert Foundation Board Member, Economic Development Corporation Chairman, Heart and Lung Foundation Vice Chairman, Intermountain Health Care Board member, IHC Urban Central region Board of trustees Chairman, Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Salt Lake convention and Visitors Bureau Chairman, Salt Palace Advisory Board Chairman, Salt Palace Renovation Oversight Committee Member, Utah Symphony Chairman, Utah Travel Council member.

1995: Fred S. Ball

Fred S. Ball
President & CEO Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
September 1995
Chairman Weber State University Board of Trustees, Chairman Holy Cross Hospital Foundation, Chairman KSL Radio TV Advisory Board, Chairman University of Utah Crimson Club, President Willow Creek Country Club, President and Board Member Junior Achievement of Utah, Vice President Salt Lake Rotary Club, Chairman Central Business Improvement District, Chairman Utah Air Travel Commission, Chairman Olive Castle Foundation, Chairman Metro Cities Council, American Chamber of Commerce Executives, Chairman Host Committee Sundance Film Festival, Board Member Utah Symphony, Board Member Ballet West, Board member Pioneer theater Company, Board Member Salt Lake Country Club, Board Member Salt Lake Art Center, Board member Salt Lake Olympic Bid Committee, Board member General Sunday School Board L.D.S. Church, Board Member Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Committee, Board member Economic Development corporation of Utah, Board member University of Utah Medical Center Foundation, Honorary Colonel Utah National Guard, Honorary Colonel Salt Lake City Police, Honorary Colonel Salt Lake County Sheriff  

1994: G. Frank Joklik

Frank Joklik
Frank Joklik served as president of Kennecott Corporation from 1980 until his retirement in 1993. During his tenure, Kennecott's operations (including Utah Copper) were modernized to become highly cost-competitive and environmentally compatible. Acquisition and development of coal, diamond and precious metal mines provided the company with diversification from copper. Frank lobbied extensively in Washington, D.C., on behalf of the U.S. mining industry.
After his retirement from Kennecott, he worked with Leucadia National Corporation on its mining interests. Frank was born in Vienna and grew up in Australia where he received B.S. (1st Class Honors) and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Sydney. The subject of his doctoral thesis was the geology of a previously uncharted region of Central Australia. After service with the nascent Australian Geological Survey, he came to the U.S. in 1953 as a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University. He then worked with Amax Inc. and Kennecott, eventually heading up major exploration and development projects in several countries, notably Mt. Newman Iron Ore in Western Australia and Lihir Gold in Papua New Guinea.
Frank is a member of the National Academy of Engineering. From 1989 to 2002, he served in leadership of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the University of Utah's College of Mines and Earth Sciences.
Frank and his wife Pamela have three chidlren. 

1992: Gov. Calvin R. Rampton

1990: S. Chris Johnson

S. Chris Johnson
Former Group manager Sears Roebuck & Company
January 1990
Chairman Holy Cross Hospital, President Utah Easter Seals, President Salt Lake Are Chamber of Commerce, President Utah Retail Merchants Association, Chairman Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, Director Zions Fist National Bank, Director Questar Corporation, Director Holy Cross Health Services of Utah, Director Utah Symphony, Director Utah Opera Company, Member Honorary Colonels Utah National Guard, Member Honorary Colonels Salt Lake City Police Department, President United Way, President pro Utah, Chairman Metropolitan Transportation, Director Utah Transit Authority, Director Utah Foundation, trustee Westminster College, Member Salt Lake City Planning and Zoning Commission, Director Alta Club, Member National Advisory Council for BYU School of Business.  

1987: B.Z. Kastler

B.Z. Kastler
Director and Former Chairman, President and CEO of Questar Corp.
April 1987
Director Albertsons Inc., Director Bonneville International Corporation, Director First Security Corporation, Trustee Westminster College, Chairman Rock Mountain Regional Council the Conference Board, Director American States Legal Foundation, Trustee Westminster College, Chairmen Rocky Mountain Regional Council the Conference Board, Director American Gas Association, Chairman Pacific Coast Gas Association, Director Rocky Mountain Oil and gas Association, Lawyer Member American Utah and Montana Bar Associations Order of the Coif, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Phi, Member Honorary Colonels Corps, President Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Co-Chairman National Conference of Christians and Jews, President Salt Lake Kiwanis Club, Executive Advisory Committee Junior Achievement of Greater Salt Lake, Chairman greater Salt Lake Area United Fund, Director and Founding Chairman Western Regional Council, Director National Association of Manufacturers and Utah Manufacturers Association, Senior Vice President Utah Symphony, Member Utah House of representatives, Distinguished Alumni Award University of Utah, Businessman of the Year Financial world Magazine, Honorary Doctors Degree in Business Southern Utah State College, Person of Vision Award National Society to Prevent Blindness, Minuteman Award Honorary Colonels.  

1986: Arch L. Madsen

Arch L. Madsen
President Emeritus Bonneville International Corporation
March, 1986
Treasurer and Board of Directors Inter-American Association of Broadcasters, Board of Directors National Association of Broadcasters, President Association of Maximum service Telecasters, Board of Directors Broadcasters Foundation Inc, Board of Directors Deseret Management Corporation, Co-Vice Chairman World Press Freedom Committee, Member John. S. Knight Fellowship Commission Department of Communication Stanford University, Member Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Chairman United Press International Broadcast Advisory Board, Board of trustees Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, member Board for International Broadcasting Member Executive Committee on Executive Reorganization of Utah State Government, President Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, President Salt Lake Rotary Club, Assistant to the President Utah Symphony Orchestra, Co-Chairman Utah Chapter of the National Conference of Christian and Jews, Commissioner Japan-United States Friendship Commission, National Governors Conference Distinguished Citizen of the Year, national Association of Broadcasters Distinguished Service Award, University of Utah Honorary Doctorate of Law.

1985: Wendell J. Ashton

Wendell J. Ashton
Publisher Desert News and Executive Vice President Desert News Publishing Company
May  1985
Board of Directors Newspaper Agency Corporation, President Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, President Utah Symphony Board, Honorary Life Member, Board of Directors, Utah Division, American Cancer Society, LDS Hospital Board of Governors, LDS Hospital Hall of Honor, Chairman Board of Directors Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Salt Lake City Branch, Member Utah Air Travel Advisory Council,  Steering Committee Governors Agenda for the Eighties,  Vice Chairman Utah Bicentennial Commission, Board of Directors Salt Lake United Fund, National President Sons of Utah Pioneers, National Advisory Board Utah Jazz, University of Utah Distinguished Alumni Award, Utah Hall of Fame Sigma Nu Fraternity, Carnation Silver Bowl Award for Community Service, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Westminster College, Presidential Citation Brigham Young University. 

1984: Richard A. Van Winkle

Richard A. Van Winkle
Past President and Chairmen, The Lockhart Company
April 1984
Executive Vice President and Director Zion’s Utah Bank corporation, Past President and Director National Consumer Finance Association American Industrial Bankers Association, Chairman Board of Governors, Primary Children’s Medical Center, President Utah Foundation, member Utah Health Advisory Council, Member Utah State board of Financial Institutions, President Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Member Consumer Advisory Council Federal Reserve System, Commissioner-At-Large and Chairmen State Road Commission of Utah, President and Director Salt Lake Area United Fund, President and Director Community Services Council, Member Utah State Board of Corrections, Member Board of Governors LDS Hospital, treasurer Utah Division American Cancer Society, Member Salt Lake City-County Board of Health, Member Board of Trustees Westminster College, Chairman Utah Highway Users Conference, Cottonwood Diagonal Changed to “Van Winkle Expressway”, Abraham O. Smoot Public Services Award Brigham Young University, Distinguished Alumnus Award University of Utah, Honorary Degree Doctor of Laws Westminster College.   

1982: George S. Eccles

George S. Eccles
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officers, First Security Corporation
February 1982
Consultant Economic Cooperation Administration (Marshall Plan), Personal Achievement Award, National Deafness Research Foundation, Honorary Lifetime Member and Past general Chairmen, International Monetary Conference, Honorary Lifetime Member, Association of Bank Holding Companies,  Honorary Lifetime Member Association of Bank Holding Companies, Honorary Lifetime Member Association of Reserve City Bankers, General chairman University of Utah Medical Center Expansion Fund, Award for Leadership in Economical Though University of Utah College of Business, Distinguished Executive Award Utah State University, Distinguished Service Award Ear Research Institute, Brotherhood Award national Conference of Christian and Jews, Minuteman Award Utah National Guard, Outstanding Achievement in Business Award University of Utah, Sales of the Year Sale and Marketing Executives of Utah, Honorary Doctor of Laws University of Utah, Honorary Doctor of Laws Utah State University, Honorary Doctor of Humanities Brigham Young University, Honorary Doctor of Laws Westminster College, Honorary Doctor of Humanities Weber State College.  

1981: John W. Gallivan

John W. Gallivan
Publisher, Salt Lake Tribune, President Kearns Tribune Corporation & Newspaper agency Corporation
February 1981
Cathedral of the Madeleine Restoration Chairman, Hinckley institute of Politics, University of Utah Journalist in Residence, National Conference of Christians and Jews, Utah Chapter Co-Chairmen, National Conference on State Legislatures Chairmen, Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association President, Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Board of Governors, The Salt Palace, Symphony Hall, Utah Bicentennial Arts Center: Chairmen Planning and Construction, University of Utah Honorary Alumnus, Honorary Doctor of Humanities, University of Utah College of Medicine Administrative Board, Utah Symphony Orchestra President, Westminster College Trustee.  

1978: N. Eldon Tanner

N. Eldon Tanner
First Counselor, First Presidency
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
March 29
This “Giant In Our City” award is presented by the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors to President N. Eldon Tanner, who labored diligently to rally support among leaders of the community to rejuvenate the downtown area – to provide a “face lifting” and a “heart transplant.”
Over the past 15 years there has been more construction of new building and modernization of present structures in downtown Salt Lake City than during the previous 100 years, with President Tanner’s leadership and influence as dominant factors in the various projects.
We salute President Tanner as a man of superior character, a successful businessman with deep spirituality, a great leader esteemed by millions of people throughout the world. 

1977: John M. and Glenn Wallace

John M. Wallace & Glenn Walker Wallace
September 1977
Him: Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce President, Holy Cross Hospital Chairmen Lay Board, Salt Lake City Commission Mayer, United States Army Civilian Aid to Secretary of the Army, University of Utah treasurer Board of Regents, University of Utah Medical Center Development Fund, Utah State Legislator Senator, Salt Lake Community Chest (Predecessor of United Fund Co-Founder), Co-ordinating Council Higher Education, Westminster College President Board of Trustees, Utah Bankers Association President, Utah National Guard Honorary Colonels Corps Bronze Minuteman Award, Rotary International President (Salt Lake City Club), Alta Club President, Timpanogos Club, Masonic Order 33rdDegree.  
Her: Salt Lake Civic Music Association (Performing Arts Sponsor) Co Founder, Salt Lake City Orchestra (Predecessor of Utah Symphony) Co Founder and President, Utah Symphony Orchestra Co Founder and President, Utah Civic Ballet (Predecessor of Ballet West) Co Founder and President, Ballet West Founder and Honorary Life Chairmen; Ford Foundation Matching Grant Chairmen and Principal Fund Raiser, Utah State Institute of Fine Arts Board, Junior League Founding Member (Salt Lake City), Salt Lake Council of Women Hall of Fame, American Association of University Women (Women of the Year), Town Club Charter Member (Salt Lake City), Utah National Guard Bronze Minuteman Award, Francisca Club (San Francisco), Altursa International Honorary Member (Salt Lake City).

1974: E.M. Naughton

E.M. Naughton
Chairmen of the Board, Utah Power & Light Company, President 1954-1968
October 1974
Salt Lake Area Chamber Of Commerce, Utah Symphony-Ford Foundation, Matching Fund Drive, University of Utah Medical Center Drive Campaign Steering Committee, Salt Lake Area United Fund Chairmen of First Drive, Utah State Prison Chapel Committee, Salt Lake County Cancer Crusade, Holy Cross Hospital Lay Advisory Board, Rhodes Scholarship Utah Selection Committee, Fellows of Westminster College, Radio Free Europe, Utah National Guard Honorary Colonels Corps, Utah Foundation, Utah Manufactures Association, Salt Lake Rotary Club, Alta Club, Pro-Utah, Timpanogos Club.  

1972: Clarence Bamberger

Clarence Bamberger
Mining Engineer
March 1972
War Finance Commission of Utah, Utah Legislature, Chairman for Utah Eisenhower for President, National foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Utah State Hospital for Crippled Children, St. Benedict’s Hospital, American Red Cross, Holy Cross Hospital, Westminster College, University of Utah, University of Utah Medical Center, Utah Symphony, Ballet West, Alta Club  

1970: Eric C. Aaberg

Eric C. Aaberg
Utah Vice President and General Manager Mountain Bell
September 1970
Salt Lake Rotary Club, Salt Lake Area United Fund, Pro-Utah Inc., Downtown Planning Association, Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Utah Business Development Corporation, Utah Payroll Savings Bond Drive, Utah Foundation, Industrial Relations Council, Y.M.C.A, Governors School Study Committee, B.Y.U Development Committee, St. Marks’s Episcopal Church, Alta Club, salt Lake Country Club, Ballet West Board, Honorary Colonels Corps.