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An organization is only as strong as the people it serves. Thanks to the business community, the Salt Lake Chamber has remained Utah’s “voice of business” for 130 years. This is a milestone worth celebrating! With their help, our state’s economy is thriving, our business climate is top-notch and our quality of life is unparalleled.

With the business community’s engagement in all aspects of the Chamber — from participating in events and programs, contributing to leadership discussions and acting as strong business advocates — embodies the Chamber’s mission to stand as the voice of business, support our members’ success and champion community prosperity.

We are proud of the Chamber’s reputation as a coalition-building organization. We have always been committed to bringing leaders together from the private and public sector to collaborate on tough issues, solve problems and advocate for Utah’s continued economic success.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Utah’s business community, and we are eager to take this momentum into the next 130 years. We are confident that through the strength of our members, the Chamber can tackle any challenge, creatively solve any problem, and ensure Utah remains the best state to live, work, learn, and play.

Let us continue to work together and greet the next 130 years with the same tenacity as the last.



At the Chamber’s 130th Anniversary Gala we asked our guests to share their predictions for the future. Find out what some people said below:

  • “I hope there is a strong community of inclusiveness. That people will reach across barriers to strengthen our humanity. I hope that our education rises up in innovation fit for our century.”
  • “We will have realized the impact of fossil fuels on our overall global health and we will be 100% renewable energy.”
  • “I predict in the future that SLC will be fully walkable and perfectly integrated with live/walk housing. SLC will also run on wind and solar.”
  • “Technology will finally be integrated so mankind can focus on each other to solve hunger and conflict. People will be equal and understanding.”
  • “We’ll cure cancer, world hunger, poverty, and war! And if we haven’t I challenge you to make it happen and yes it is possible!”
  •  “The future is female- smash the patriarchy!”

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130th Gala Celebration
April 28, 2017
5:30 – 9:30 P.M.
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater




130th Birthday Bash: Business After Hours
May 25, 2017
5:00 – 8:00 P.M.
Publik Space


1987-2017: The Next 30 Years of Common Ground

Common Ground: 100 Years of the Salt Lake Chamber


The Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors established the Giant In Our City award in 1970. The award was created to honor the lives of exceptional and distinguished public service and extraordinary professional achievement. It is considered the Chamber’s most prestigious award and is given periodically by the Chamber Board of Governors.

2016Ron Jibson

2015 – Gail Miller

2014 – Michael Leavitt

2013 – Scott A. Anderson, Harris Simmons

2012 – Kem Gardner

2011 – Bishop H. David Burton

2010 – Carolyn Tanner Irish

2009 – Roger Boyer, Ellis Ivory

2008 – William H. Nelson

2007 – Larry H. Miller

2006 – James LeVoy Sorenson

2005 – Jon M. Huntsman

2003 – R.D. “Don” Cash, D.N. “Nick” Rose

2003 – Gordon B. Hinckley

2002  W. Mitt Romney

2001 – Spencer F. Eccles

2000 – Verl R. Topham

1999 – Scott S. Parker

1998 – Kenneth Y. Knight

1995 –  Fred S. Ball

1994 – Frank Joklik

1992 – Calvin Rampton

1990 – S. Chris Johnson

1987 – B.Z. Kastler

1986 – Arch L. Madsen

1985 – Wendell J. Ashton

1984 – Richard A. Van Winkle

1982 – George S. Eccles

1981 – John W. Gallivan

1978 –  N. Eldon Tanner

1977 – John M. Wallace & Glenn Walker Wallace 

1974 –  E. M. Naughton 

1972 –  Clarence Bamberger

1970 – Eric C. Aaberg

During the Conference, the Salt Lake Chamber hosts the ATHENA Awards Luncheon.  The ATHENA Leadership Award® is presented annually by chambers of commerce, women’s organizations and universities. The award is established through local host organizations in partnership with ATHENA International’s national underwriters, local businesses and individual sponsors. The ATHENA Leadership Award® Recipients are individuals who: have achieved the highest level of professional excellence; contribute time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community; and actively assist others, particularly women, in realizing their full leadership potential.

2016Lori Chillingworth, Zions Bancorporation

2015 – Karen Gunn, Salt Lake Community College

2014 – Peggy Larsen, Workers Compensation Fund

2013 – Dr. Linda Leckman, Intermountain Healthcare

2012 – Gail Miller, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

2011 – Beverley Taylor Sorenson, Sorenson Foundation

2010 – Dr. Cynthia A. Bioteau, Salt Lake Community College

2009 – Chris Redgrave, KSL News Radio

2008 – Senator Patricia W. Jones, Dan Jones & Associates, Inc.

2007 – Margo Provost, Log Haven

2006 – Marilyn Tang, Certified Handling Systems

2005 – Pamela Atkinson, Community Advocate

2004 – Gov. Olene Walker, Utah State Governor

2003 – Becky Berkey Potts, AT&T Wireless

2002 – Susan Glasmann, Questar Gas Company

2001 – Lori Giovannoni, Lori Giovannoni and Associates

2000 – Patricia Richards, First Security Bank1999 – Lorraine Miller, Cactus & Tropicals

1998 – Deborah S. Bayle, American Red Cross Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter

1997 – Carol Carter, IC Products

1996 – Ramona Rudert, Predictable Building Systems

1995 – Joan Lewis, Nesco Service, Inc.

1993 – June Morris, Morris Air

1992 – Rhoda Ramsey, Ramsey Group

1991 – Patricia Freston, Ph.D., Questar Corporation

1990 – Jacqueline Nicholes, Quality Press

1988 – Carol Browning, CLU

1987 – Patricia Shoemaker Glessner, KSL TV

1986 – Isabelle Jensen, Questar Corporation

1985 – Carol Fay, Internal Revenue Services

1984 – Phyllis Steorts, Westin Hotel Utah

The Pathfinder Award is given to community leaders who “create new paths” and promote the development and recognition of women in business.

2016 – Maura Carabello, Dr. Ivy Estabrooke, Laura Kaiser, Kathy Luke

2015 – Rebecca Dutson, Jodi Holmgren, Cathy Keen, Fraser Nelson, Kathy Ricci

2014  Patrice Arent, Juanita Damon, Martha Eining, Denise Winslow

2013  Jennifer Danielson, May Kay Griffin, Susan Mayo

2012  Dr. Sarah B. George, Debra Hoyt, Dr. Vivian Lee, Dr. Susan Madsen, Molly Mazzolini

2011  Christy Alter Haymond, Marsha Gilford, Melia Tourangeau, Jody Williams

2010 – Amy Rees Anderson, Amanda Dickson, Diane Mansfield, Nicole Mouskondis, Luz Robles

2009 – Shauna Bona, Diana Kirk, Judy Reese, Lynne Ward

2008  Silvia Norman, Nancy Nowak, Karen Suzuki-Okabe, Lisa Vehrenkamp, Andrea Wolcott

2007 – Michelle Flynn, Annette Jarvis, Peggy Larsen, Brenda Scheer

2006 – Paulette Cary, Leigh von der Esch, Dr. Linda Leckman, Leann Linderman, Sabina Zunguze

2005 – Allison Bridges, Ana Maria Fereday, Mary Mark, Susan Peterson and The Jones, Kevin Potts, Jennifer Scoffield, Waldo Women Lawyers Group, Lauryn Wingate

2004 – Margo Salazar Rillston, Hydee Willis, The Utah Women’s Alliance for Building Community (UWABC)

2003 – Sherrie Hayashi, Jane Shock, Arlene Urias

2002 Afton Bradshaw, Lisa Eccles, Gladys Gonzales, Karen Meacham, Jeanetta Williams

2001 – Steven B. Allnatt, Marsha Fetzer, Connie Holbrook, Dr. Peggy Stock, Marilyn Tang

2000 – Maun Alston, Marjean Daniels, Maxine Turner, Junior League of Salt Lake City

1999 – Becky Berkey Potts, Beverly R. Cooper, Bernadette Martinelli, Jamee J. Roberts, Linda Thompson

1998 – Mary Ann Flinders, Jean Fox, Kathy Hillis

1997 – Susie Adams, Grethe Peterson, Kayleen Simmons

1996 – Aileen Clyde, Cecilia Foxley, Linda Kruse, John E Mooney

1995 – Carol Carter, Julie Kilgore

1994 – Pamela Atkinson, David M Jones, Joan Lewis, Lynne Ann Tempest

1993 – Barbara Dirks, Linda Galindo, Jan Graham, Margaret Hunt

1992 – Judith Bell, Judge Judith Billings, Brenda Hancock, Patricia Richards, Douglas Tapking, Olene Walker

1991 – Mayor Palmer DePaulis, Isabelle Jensen, Verl Topham, Josie Valdez

1990 – Richard Davis, Ann Erickson, Irene Fisher, Tinby Milne, Elizabeth Pierce, Ramona Rudert

1989 – Laura Benson, Kenneth Hill, Ruth Novak, Rhoda Ramsey, D.N. Nick Rose

1988 – Fred Ball, Carol Dunlap, Lee Ence, LouJean Flint, Jim Herbster, Kent Moon

1987 – Deborah Bayle, Kaye Coleman, Lorraine Miller, Karen Shepherd

1986 – Dee Dee Corradini, Linda Jensen, Jinnah Kelson, Jane Marquardt, Dee Rowland, Elaine Weiss

1985 – Vee Carlisle, Joe Pacheco, Madily Parker, Joe Siciliano, Doty Williams

1984 – Bernice Galbraith, Ruth Hardy Funk

1983 – Carol M. Fay

Chamber Champions commit their abilities and time to help further the Chamber’s mission and bolster the business community.

2016 – Chris Gamvroulas, Ivory Development; Molly Mazzolini, Infinite Scale; Mayor Ben McAdams, Salt Lake County; Donnielle Schroeder, Melange Liquid Catering

2015 – Brian Garrett, Zions Bank; Marsha Gilford, Smith’s Food & Drug; Dave Kadleck, Western Governor’s University; Richard Walje, Rocky Mountain Power

2014 – Abby Albrecht, Granite Construction Company; Camilla Edsberg, Hope Gallery and Museum of Fine Art; Jonathan Hafen, Parr Brown Gee & Loveless; Debra Hoyt, Questar Corporation; Jonathan Johnson, Overstock.com

2013 – Ray Dardano, Marlin Business Bank; Karen Gunn, Salt Lake Community College; Janet Jorgensen, Salt Lake Magazine; Dave Loach, IC Group; Grant Nielsen, KSL News Radio; Tim Wheelwright, Durham Jones & Pinegar, P.C.

2011 – Amy Coady, Squatters Pub and Beers; Dr. Richard Kendell; Michael Lane, Sprint Nextel; Jason Steed, Targa Media; Don Whyte, Rio Tinto | Kennecott Land

2010 – Maura Carabello, Exoro Group; Von Coffman, KSL Broadcast Group; Russ Coover, Digital Blue Photography; Jennifer Nii, Intermountain Healthcare; Sheridan Redmond, Customer Dynamics; Paul Springer, Bailey-Montague Graphic Design

2009 – Kameron Emery, Mount Olympus Waters, Inc.; Kent Gibson, Zions Securities Corp.; Gretta Spendlove, Durham Jones & Pinegar, P.C.; Mark Walker, Energy Solutions; Nathan Wickizer, Cache Valley Electric Company

2007 – Debbie Pazos, Kelly Services; Diana M Young, Prince, Perelson & Associates; Barry Brundage, Wells Fargo; Rey Butcher, Questar Corporation; Brent T. Johnson, Intermountain Healthcare

2006 – Kirby Croyle, Wells Fargo; Jeff Edwards, EDCUtah; B.J. Hansen, Liberty Mortgage, Inc.; Jason Hermansen, SkyMail International; Martin Lewis, Utah Business Magazine; Dave Lindsay, Avalanche Studios; John R.E. Redd, Edward Jones; Chris Redgrave, Bonneville International Corporation; Al Walker, Questar Corporation

2005 – Lloyd Carr, Carr Painting; Jack Ford, Utah State Department of Corrections; Richard T. Hazel, Camco Construction, Inc.; Carol Hunter, Utah Power/PacifiCorp; Bryn F. Ramjoue, The Story Agency; Elaine Schlehuber, Zions Bank; Chris Tunis, The Enterprise Newspaper Group; Matthew H. Wilson, Riviera Insurance Services

2004 – Dave Mecham, KSL Newsradio 1160; Col. Craig Morgan, Utah National Guard; Kate Reddy, McKinnon Mulherin, Inc; Rob Ronald, Bailey-Montague & Associates; Ethel Wilcox, Wasatch Basket & Gifts; Steven Williams, InterNet Properties, Inc

Corporate Business Awards are presented to organizations that commit their abilities and time to help further the Chamber’s mission and bolster the business community.

President’s Award for Excellence: Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort
Corporate Partner of the Year: Penna Powers
Small Business of the Year Award: Presto Print
Community Partner of the Year: Envision Utah

President’s Award for Excellence: UTA
Corporate Partner of the Year: Hilton Salt Lake City Center
Small Business of the Year Award: Bailey-Montague Graphic Design

Corporate Partner of the Year: Wells Fargo
Small Business of the Year Award: G&A Partners
Entrepreneurial Success Award: Daynes Music
Community Partner of the Year: EDCUtah

Small Business of the Year Award: Cucina Toscana
Entrepreneurial Success Award: Every Blooming Thing
Community Service Award: Busath Studio & Gardens
Minority Small Business Award: J.Wong’s Asian Bistro
Non-Profit of the Year: Ballet West
President’s Award for Excellence: CBRE

Small Business of the Year Award: Penna Powers Brian Haynes
Entrepreneurial Success Award: New Media Strategies
Community Service Award: Hale Centre Theatre
Minority Small Business Award: Red Iguana
President’s Award for Excellence: Real Salt Lake

Small Business of the Year Award: Mandarin
Entrepreneurial Success Award: Sam Weller’s Bookstore
Community Service Award: Junior Achievement of Utah, Inc.
Minority Small Business Award: Manuel’s Fine Foods

Small Business of the Year: The Storey Agency
Entrepreneurial Success Award: Coldsweep, Inc.
Minority Small Business Award: U.S. Translation Co.
Community Service Award: My Princess Pearls
President’s Award for Excellence: Richter7

Small Business of the Year: Cooper Roberts Simonsen Architects, Wallace “Wally” Cooper, Allen Roberts, and Soren Simonsen
Entrepreneurial Success: McKinnon-Mulherin, Inc., Shauna Bona, Kathleen Reddy, and Regina Davis
Community Service: Eye Care For Kids Foundation, Joseph G. Carbone
Minority Small Business: Latitude Restaurant Group, Gene Kwon

Small Business of the Year: Webb Audio Visual Communication, Steven M. Webb, President and Scott T. Webb, Vice President
Entrepreneurial Success Award: LoveSac Corporation, Shawn Nelson, Founder and CEO; Scott McDonough, President and COO; Dan Lunt, Chief Marketing Officer; Tim Weiland, Chief Retail Officer and Doyle Judd, CFO
Community Service Award: Wasatch Baskets & Gifts, Partners: Jim Wilcox, Ethel Wilcox, Kurstin Lee and Rosalie Doolittle
Minority Small Business Award: Samba Grill Brazilian Skewerhouse, Ren Souza, Owner and Manager
President’s Award for Excellence: United Way of Salt Lake, Deborah Bayle Nielsen, President and CEO; Rebecca J. Dutson, Vice President Resource Development; Kristine W. Pepin, Vice President Community Impact and Kevin Grimmett, Chief Financial Officer

Small Business of the Year: Cuisine Unlimited, Maxine and Marvin Turner, Principal Owners
Entrepreneurial Success: Delta Stone Products, Robert Hicken and Paul Ballif, Co Owners
Community Service: Colonial Flag, Paul Swensen, Owner
Home-Based Business Success: Turning Point, Inc., Kathleen Gage, President

Small Business of the Year: Love Communications, Tom Love, Rich Love and Preston Wood
Entrepreneurial Success: The Singing Cricket Café, Lara Kierstead
Community Service: Art House Graphic Studio, Sam Guevara and Rebecca Guevara
Home-Based Business Success: Bruno Group Turnkey Events, Inc., Paul Bruno, Michelle Bruno, and Karen Peña

Small Business of the Year: Absolute! Restaurant & Brasserie, Kimberley and Staffan Eklund
Entrepreneurial Success: Have Party…Will Travel, Julie and Jeff Palmer
Community Service: Cameron Construction Company, John E. Cameron and Michael Cervino
Home-Based Business Success: Cartwright Communications, Jeri Cartwright
Minority Small Business: Chung & Associates, Inc., Bo S. Chung, Jr.

Small Business of the Year: Valentiner Crane Brunjes Onyon Architects, Niels Valentiner
Entrepreneurial Success: FrameRate Corp., James R. Harvey
Community Service: Harris Financial, Kelly Harris
Home-Based Business Success: Johnson & Company, The Virtual Agency, Jennifer Johnson
Minority Small Business: Rico Mexican Market, Jorge Fierro

Small Business of the Year: Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Inc., Howard Van Boerum
Entrepreneurial Success: PowerQuest Corporation, Laura Shafer
Community Service: The Ramsey Group, Rhoda Ramsey
Home-Based Business Success: Fyve*Star, Inc., Celeste Gleave

Small Business of the Year: Anchor Printing & Graphics, Tanya Henrie
Entrepreneurial Success: Wasatch Crest Insurance Companies, Orrin T. Colby, Jr.
Community Service: Beneco Enterprises, Inc., Bob Newberry
Home-Based Business Success: American Packaging Group, Inc., Jeffrey Tiede

Small Business of the Year: Log Haven, Margo Provost
Entrepreneurial Success: ConsultNet, Donald J. Goldberg
Community Service: Crete-Co, Steven Jensen
Home-Based Business Success: McArthur Consulting, Karen McArthur

Small Business of the Year: Professional Staff Management, Inc., William J. Miller
Entrepreneurial Success: NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Hunter Jackson
Community Service: Payless Car Rental, Sam Russell
Home-Based Business Success: Your Best Impression, Sue Clift-Stahle

Small Business of the Year: Christopherson Business Travel Consultants, Michael A. Cameron

Small Business of the Year: MHTN Architects, Lynn Jones

Small Business of the Year: Chris Matthews & Associates,, Chris Matthews

Small Business of the Year: Maxcomm Associates Inc., W.A. (Bill) Adams, Emil Bohn, and Diana S. Furr

Small Business of the Year: Eckhoff, Watson & Preator Engineering, David Eckhoff and Greg Thorpe

Small Business of the Year: Terabit Computer Engineering

Small Business of the Year: Morris/Ask Mr. Foster Travel, Rusty McNeal

Small Business of the Year: Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., Steve Baughman

Small Business of the Year: Guardian Title Company of Utah, Courtney L. Wrathall

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