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The Ball Era: 1971-1996

The Ball Era

When Fred S. Ball came to the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce as its new executive vice president on January 1, 1971, the 38-year-old transportation executive didn’t have time to dwell on his well-known [...]

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Beautifying Downtown – or Else

In 1973 the Environmental Protection Agency dropped a bomb on Salt Lake City’s downtown–or so it seemed to the participants at the time. They included the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, which was deeply [...]

Bringing on the Jazz

It had been a bad year for the National Basketball League’s eighteenth franchise. The New Orleans Jazz could not play in their home arena, the Superdome, when conventions were in town. Attendance was dropping and [...]

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Something for Everyone

For some people, the best thing the Chamber does is work with the Legislature. For others, it’s working in the schools. Some want it to train future leaders and some want it to serve the [...]

The Chamber Meets its Sister Cities

After assuming the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s top staff position, Fred Ball discovered some old files in Chamber storage about a sister city program. Started during the Gus Backman era, the links had [...]

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