26 01, 2015

How the City got Hogle Zoo

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Salt Lake City got a first-rate zoo in the middle of the Great Depression because of the passionate interest of several deeply committed people, an enthusiastic public and a Chamber of Commerce that helped bring them together. As early as the 1890s Salt Lake City had a small display of animals that it kept at [...]

25 01, 2015

Watering the Desert

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In Utah, the second driest state in the nation, water is everything. With it, we can settle valleys, grow crops, raise children and support industries. Without it, no growth is possible. So it’s little surprise that from the beginning the Salt Lake Chamber was involved in water issues. The earlier Chamber called for a multi-state [...]

25 01, 2015

“Earthquake, Panic, Death, Fire and Destruction”

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That apocalyptic headline shouted the news to Salt Lake City residents on the morning of April 18, 1906, after an earthquake and fire nearly destroyed San Francisco. Considered one of the worst disasters ever to hit an American city, the Great San Francisco Earthquake was huge news in Salt Lake City. It also became a [...]

24 01, 2015

Flat, Fast, and Salty

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The Bonneville Salt Flats are among the world’s natural wonders, and the Salt Lake Chamber helped make them famous, thanks to the persistence of a local hero. The Salt Flats cover hundreds of square miles of some of the most desolate land on earth, home to no growing thing, hostile to travelers. It’s a dazzling [...]

24 01, 2015

Behind the Wheel

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Those red, white, and blue buses so popular today on Salt Lake City’s streets? For a while in the 1960s and 1970s, the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce ran them, and without the Chamber’s heavy involvement Salt Lake City might have closed its mass transit operations. The story is complicated, because for legal reasons [...]

24 01, 2015

The Magnate and the Magnificent “Club House”

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A large crowd of people gathers to see the cornerstone laying for the new Commercial Club building on July 5, 1909. When it opened in 1909, the Commercial Club building was heralded as a sign of community progress and a harbinger of growth for what would become the Salt Lake Chamber. Early Commercial [...]

23 01, 2015

Bishop Nibley Bides His Time

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In 1914, Salt Lake City was being prodded by women’s and civic organizations to increase its parks and playgrounds. It had just leased land from the Free Playground Society for a playground and had improved Liberty and Pioneer parks. So it was in that spirit that the Commercial Club’s Field Sports and Athletics Committee, chaired [...]

23 01, 2015

Alta: Going to the Mountain

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Alta today is known throughout the sports world as a premiere resort destination for serious skiers, with its high altitude and fine, paper-dry powder that drifts down over the Wasatch. But in the 1930s, it was just an idea. Bringing that transformation about took the vision and dedication of a large number of people. The [...]

23 01, 2015

Beautifying Downtown – or Else

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In 1973 the Environmental Protection Agency dropped a bomb on Salt Lake City’s downtown–or so it seemed to the participants at the time. They included the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, which was deeply involved in the Main Street Beautification program that, in Fred Ball’s terms, “would forever change downtown Salt Lake City.” In [...]

23 01, 2015

Melting the Ice: Commercial Club Jump-Starts the Rotary Club

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The Rotary Club of Salt Lake had its beginnings in January 1911, a little more than five years after the first Rotary Club was organized in Chicago in 1905. But it took a bold move by the Commercial Club to bring it about. The Salt Lake Rotary Club grew out of a conversation in Chicago [...]

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