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2016 Election Information

2016 is a landmark election year in Utah; nearly every office on the federal, state, and local levels will be on the ballot. At the federal level Utahns will vote in a Presidential election, one U.S. Senate election and four U.S. House elections.

At the state level Utahns will have the opportunity to vote for the Governor, Attorney General and other executive and judicial offices, as well as in the state congressional elections. There are also many elections being held at the local level. Utahns have not had the opportunity to elect individuals to as many offices since 2012.

Presidential Election

The 2016 Presidential Election will have a lasting effect on our state and nation as a whole. Find more information regarding 2016 Presidential candidates, caucuses and election dates: HERE

Statewide Elections

State-elected officials have a significant impact on the business community and economic well-being of the state. Find your current elected officials, at the state and federal level, in addition to positions up for election: HERE

New Primary Process

Not sure what the voting process is like in Utah? Watch a short video introducing Utah’s new primary election process: HERE

The 4-1-1 on Voting in Utah

For information on how to vote, where to vote and registering to vote: CLICK HERE

Please Note: The Primary Election will be held June 28th, 2016 NOT June 24th, 2016.

*Find information on how to vote, where to vote, and registering to vote: HERE