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The Salt Lake Chamber encourages Utah citizens to become involved in local and federal elections, and while the Chamber does not endorse any political party or candidate, it does advocate for community participation.

Because the the political scene can be complex the Salt Lake Chamber has compiled a list of websites that will help Utah residents get involved on both the local and federal levels. Please use the following links to view information regarding candidates, historical election data and obtain the latest political updates.

General Info (Utah)

Get involved and be sure to make an informed decision on Election Day.

The results of the 2016 Presidential Election will have lasting effects on our state and nation as a whole. Find information regarding 2016 presidential candidates, election dates, and caucus dates and times.

U.S. Presidential Election

2016 Presidential Candidate Listings

2016 Presidential Caucus (Republicans)

2016 Utah Democratic Caucus Finder

Presidential 2016 Election Calendar

Calendar of Elections and Events

U.S. Senate

U.S. House

State-elected officials have a significant effect on the state’s business community and general economic well-being. Here you can find current Utah-elected officials at both the state and federal levels, along with a list of positions that are up for election in 2016.

State Executives

State Senate

State House

State Judges

Federal and State Positions Up for Election 2016

House of Representatives

General Info (Utah)

Not sure what the voting process is like in Utah? Watch this short video introducing Utah’s new primary election process and get ready to vote.

Elections Utah: Introducing Utah’s new primary election process How to Vote in Utah