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The Agenda to Unleash Utah’s Economic Potential

We believe a purposeful, engaged and active statewide business community plays a vital role in Utah’s prosperity. As the state’s business leader, we support the following strategies, policies and investments to unleash our state’s economic potential for generations to come.


  • Endowing prosperity – Now, more than ever, education is the surest path to economic success. We support implementing innovative, accountable and targeted investments through the “Prosperity Through Education” plan which will elevate our educational outcomes to be globally competitive.
  • Action on immigration – Congress must act to fix America’s broken immigration system through reforms consistent with the principles of the Utah Compact. This must include national visa reform such as the bipartisan I-Squared Act, which is a concrete solution to meeting our state’s current talent shortage.
  • Women in the economy – Unleashing the potential of women’s leadership is critical for economic growth. We support efforts that promote women in the workforce to meet our current talent shortage, including the ElevateHER Challenge and the Women in the Economy Commission, among many others.
  • Empowering Utah’s heroes – Utah’s veterans, National Guard and active duty service members are a distinct economic asset. We support efforts to meet our current talent shortage through tapping their expertise, talent and leadership.
  • Retraining talent – A modern economy has left many Utahns displaced from career employment. Additionally, too many capable Utahns are left without employment opportunities because of criminal history. We support recent criminal justice reforms, as well as public and private sector programs that retrain and empower individuals to achieve renewed opportunity through employment.
  • Investing in people – A healthy workforce is necessary for a productive economy. We support efforts to address our state’s critical homelessness issue and encourage statesmanship to develop a Utah solution to the Medicaid coverage gap.


  • Comprehensive tax reform – Federal and state tax reform must be addressed. We support a complete review of all existing taxes and fees, as well as strategic incremental reforms, including Congress acting on a solution for the collection of remote sales and use taxes.
  • Smarter regulation – Our federal, state and local regulatory structures must be modernized with smart regulation reforms. This should include efforts at all levels to reduce the regulatory burden on business, remove outdated or outmoded regulations, improve data-driven decision-making and ensure regulators abide by overarching principles and performance metrics.
  • Competitive edge – A solid foundation for broader economic growth includes competitive energy prices. We support efforts to enhance access to competitively priced energy as a key driver of our economic competitiveness.


  • Downtown rising – The long-term health and prosperity of downtown Salt Lake City is a benefit to our entire state. We will encourage significant public and private developments that enhance downtown as the primary location for business, creativity and culture.
  • Prison properties – The Draper and Salt Lake City sites have the potential to foster new economic engines for our state. We will work with key partners to develop and champion strategic development decisions through disciplined planning and investments at both sites to positively impact Utah’s economy for decades.
  • Flight plan – Salt Lake City International Airport is an extraordinary asset to Utah’s economy. We will continue to champion the $1.8 billion terminal redevelopment as a major investment in our state’s global competitiveness.
  • Downtown innovation district – Utah must continue to invest in our ability to grow in ways that align with disruptive economic forces. We will join with key partners to develop an innovation district in Utah’s urban center where leading-edge anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators.
  • Infrastructure needs – Utah’s roads, bridges, public transit, utility lines and existing water infrastructure all require attention if our economy is to continue to thrive. We support disciplined planning and proactive investment in our economic backbones.