Each year the Salt Lake Chamber visits Washington, D.C. with business, community and state leaders. This trip represents a unique opportunity to connect local leaders to members of our federal delegation and the nation’s capitol.

Here are the highlights from the third day of the 2016 edition of the trip:

After the Election: Prospects for Business Priorities in Washington | A Discussion with Bruce Josten of the U.S. Chamber

img_8190The third day of our trip began with a discussion led by Bruce Josten, an executive vice-president with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Josten shared insights into how the U.S. Chamber’s policy priorities would advance in either a Trump or Clinton Administration.

Josten did not sugar coat the polarization that occurs throughout Washington, D.C., warning that a “lame duck” session of Congress looked very likely following the 2016 election – regardless of the outcome.

The Business Case for Cybersecurity

Following our meeting with Bruce Josten, our delegation discussed the issue of cybersecurity. Matthew Noyes of the U.S. Secret Service and Peter Lord of Oracle led this conversation. Topics included, what types of protections business leaders should consider for their businesses, why the U.S. Secret service is involved in cybersecurity and the resources available following a cyber attack.

Jell-O with Senator Mike Lee

img_8211To quote from Senator Mike Lee’s website, Senator Lee “wants his Washington D.C. office to be a place where visitors from Utah feel at home.” That’s why he hosts “Jell-O Wednesdays.” Jell-O is the official state snack of Utah. The state even passed a resolution “that the Senate of the state of Utah recognize Jell-O as a favorite snack food of Utah.”

While holding a special Jell-O Wednesday for group, Senator Lee spoke about the importance of the business community’s presence on Capitol Hill and the work being done by his office to reduce commercial regulatory burdens. Additionally, Senators Sasse (Nebrasak) Flake (Arizona), and Gardner (Colorado) stopped in to share their insights with us.

Following our discussion, Senator Lee presented Lane Beattie, the Chamber’s president and CEO, with a Senate Commemoration of the Chamber’s recent 5-star accreditation.

A Discussion with Congress: Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Mia Love

img_8258After passing through the underground tunnel connecting the Hart Building of the Senate and the Rayburn Building of the House, our delegation of business leaders had the opportunity to meet separately with Congressman Jason Chaffetz and Congresswoman Mia Love.

The intimate setting of provided by a Committee Room in the Rayburn House Office Building allowed our group to discuss current happenings in Washington, such as:

  • How Donald Trump’s character is affecting Washington, D.C.
  • The proceedings surrounding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation
  • What Utah’s delegation has accomplished over the last two years

Dinner at the Caucus Room

After our visit to Capitol Hill, business leaders boarded a charted bus to The Caucus Room, an upscale steakhouse that has served host to important meetings.

During our meal, participants of the trip conversed about poverty and how to find real and lasting solutions to that problem.

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