On September 7, 2017 Utah’s business leaders will gather at the Salt Lake Chamber’s 130th Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon. Every year the Chamber recognizes those in the community who have shown exemplary support to further the Chamber’s mission and bolster the local business community.

One of this year’s 2017 Chamber Champions is Natalie Peay of Webb

“The culture and very essence of what we do at Webb is promote the goals and dreams of other businesses by creating impactful events and experiences that inspire action by those in attendance. At Webb the phrase “We didn’t stay up all night to be mediocre” is not just a saying but a philosophy to work at our maximum potential. It is in that vein that I jumped on board as the show producer of the Chamber’s 130th Gala Celebration. I embraced the opportunity to tell the Chamber’s story through the medium I know best… lights, sound, video and performance. But I couldn’t have done it without my coworkers at Webb who make the process of event production look easy and extraordinary.”


Natalie has more than 20 years of professional experience in show production / event management and is passionate about everything surrounding events, shows and audience experiences. Whether it’s an event for an audience of 10 or 10,000 people, she can take an idea or concept and bring it to fruition with grace and vision. She is an excellent communicator and is well versed in event production requirements and in managing production personnel, lighting and set designers, entertainment contracts and labor crews.

Peay began her profession career as a newspaper production editor, a job that fueled her fascination with design, information and started her love affair with community and activities. From there she planned theme parties and gatherings at a well-known Las Vegas hotel chain, giving her experience managing variety of entertainment, theatrics and temporary environmental spaces.  After returning to Salt Lake City, she worked for the Salt Lake Chamber managing memberships and event activities including several familiar programs like Business After Hours and Giant in Our City and was actively participating in Chamber’s presence at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

The last 10 years have been surrounded by event production, audiovisual equipment, talent and selling her ideas to clients and customers.  As a Senior Producer at Webb she is responsible for managing client programs, executing vision and overseeing budgets, creative, content and crews for a variety of client events.

In support of the 130th Salt Lake Chamber Anniversary, Peay was brought on to oversee production elements for the 130th Gala this past April where she worked along side the Chamber staff and Board to tell the story of business in our community through presentations, music and theatrics. She lives by the motto “long after people forgot what they saw and heard they remember how they felt”. Having the opportunity to participate behind the scenes of the Gala was a banner moment in her career as she celebrated the Salt Lake Chamber, along side her friends and past employer in an evening that will not be forgotten.