2020 Legislative Scorecard

Dear Business Community,

During the 2020 Utah Legislative Session, the Utah State Legislature was very supportive of the state’s economy and all those who benefit from economic opportunity. Although the current pandemic started to make its presence known in Utah on the last two days of the session, the work that our Legislature completed should not be lost. As we emerge from this current crisis, these policies will help us recover and have a long-lasting and positive effect on our economy.

The 2020 Session ended with the largest increase for education funding in recent history, a widely celebrated solution to Utah’s immediate tax issues, as well as significant strides in rural economic development, transportation, electric vehicle infrastructure, housing, and workforce development.

Governor Herbert, President Adams, and Speaker Wilson worked to leverage the strong economic position Utah was in at the beginning of the year and to provide the tools to make our economy even stronger in the future. We express our respect and gratitude to them. Each of the Chamber’s Legislative Business Champions played an important role in this success.

Many of these celebrated wins, including the record funding increase for education and support for housing, were out of fiscal necessity amended and dialed back during the recent special sessions. Ensuring that the current setbacks are only temporary is our current challenge.

Although our economic position and unemployment rate have been threatened in a way that none of us could have foreseen just a few months ago, Utah has pulled together. Our state leaders have made careful decisions and worked closely with the business community to ensure that we will emerge from this crisis stronger than we entered it.

The 2020 Legislative Session is not over. The important work of the Legislature has continued through a series of special sessions and we will see several more. The decisions made during these special sessions are critical to ensuring our economic recovery — they will be among the most important policy decisions our Legislature will ever make.

The voice of the business community and the work of our Legislative Business Champions is more important than ever as pressing questions, challenges, and issues loom on the horizon.

We look forward to working closely with each of you as we return Utah to its position as the best state to do business!


Derek Miller, president and CEO
Linda Wardell, 2019-2020 Board Chair