Dear Business Community,

We are now just over halfway through Utah’s Legislative Session, and as Senator Jerry Stevenson, Executive Appropriations Chair, told the Salt Lake Tribune, “The next three weeks will be longer than three weeks.” 

Yesterday the Legislature released the revenue numbers that they will move forward with as they determine the state’s budget, how they will fund new requests for programs and projects, and which bills with fiscal notes they will fund. Now that these numbers are known, the Legislature will start making budget decisions. They will hear bills dealing with tax credits and other tax issues, and prioritize the larger pieces of legislation that will have a fiscal impact. Many of the Chamber’s priorities fall into this category.  

Some bills of interest:

Now that budget numbers have been released, SB 39, Affordable Housing Amendments, sponsored by Senator Jake Anderegg, will be heard on the Senate floor next week. This bill is one effort among many to help address Utah’s housing gap and is an important step toward meeting the needs of Utah’s future. If passed, SB 39 will provide rental assistance to families at risk of homelessness, gap financing of private activity bond-financed rental housing and assistance with pre-development costs for affordable housing projects in rural Utah. We encourage you to contact your legislator in support of affordable housing and its importance when it comes to our state’s economic development and quality of life.  

HB 259, Electric Vehicle Charging Network, sponsored by Representative Robert Spendlove, is an effort to bring government and private sector partners together to develop a plan for a statewide network of electric vehicle charging facilities along our interstate and major highways. With careful planning, this will improve our infrastructure, promote technology adoption, support the environment, and help ensure those who drive electric vehicles can visit and do business in every part of our state. 

HB 273, Property Rights Ombudsman Amendments, sponsored by Representative Val Peterson, waives governmental immunity for municipalities in court actions related to land use law where the prevailing party’s decision is supported by an advisory opinion from the State Property Rights Ombudsman. In such cases, the bill allows for an award of compensatory damages to the prevailing party.  

As always, please reach out to our team if you have questions or information related to any legislation. Your input is valuable as we speak on behalf of our members, and we are here to answer any questions you may have as well as to help you connect with your legislators and other policy leaders.



Salt Lake Chamber Policy Team

Priority Votes

Number Bill Title Sponsor Position
H.B. 68 Apprenticeship and Work-based Learning Amendments Rep. Gibson Priority
H.B. 99 Enhanced Kindergarten Amendments Rep. Snow Priority
H.B. 259 Electric Vehicle Charging Network Rep. Spendlove Priority
H.J.R. 13 Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – State Board of Education Rep. Ballard Priority
S.B. 26 Water Banking Amendments Sen. Iwamoto Priority
S.B. 39 Affordable Housing Amendments Sen. Anderegg Priority
S.B. 51 Secondary Water Requirements Sen. Anderegg Priority
S.B. 69 Tax Credit for Educator Expenses Sen. Anderegg Priority
S.B. 95 Economic Development Amendments Sen. Sandall Priority

Bills Worth Watching