2021 Legislative Watchlist

Below you will find the watchlist for all the bills that the Salt Lake Chamber is tracking during the 2021 Legislative Session. The list may be sorted by column or category.

The Chamber takes the following range of positions on bills:

  • Monitor” means the bill is of interest to Chamber members, but the Chamber does not have a specific position on the bill.
  • Concern” means the Chamber is concerned with the current status of the bill and is working with the bill sponsor.
  • “Oppose” means the Chamber is opposed to the bill as currently written.
  • Support” means the Chamber supports passage of the bill.
  • Priority” means the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Directors has designated this bill as priority for the business community. Legislators’ votes on Priority Bills are used to determine the Chamber’s Business Champion Awards.
Bill Number
Bill TitleSponsorSummaryPositionStatus
Priority Area
HB 17Utility Permitting AmendmentsRep. HandyStates that a municipality may not enact an ordinance, a resolution, or a policy that prohibits, or has the effect of prohibiting, the connection or reconnection of an energy utility service.SupportGovernor SignedHousing
HB 19County Classification AmendmentsRep. SniderIncreases population thresholds for county classifications as follows:
- County of the first class from 700,000 to 1,000,000 or more
- County of the second class from 125,000 to 175,000 or more
- County of the third class from 31,000 to 45,000 or more
- County of the fourth class remains at 11,000 to 31,000
- County of the fifth class remains at 4,000 to 11,000
- County of the sixth class remains at less than 4,000
MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedCommunity
H.B. 23Voter Referendum AmendmentsRep. NelsonAdds rezoning a single property or multiple properties to the definition of “land use law.”

Allows an election office to place a referendum on a ballot for the general election during the year the legislative action in question is taken if the referendum sponsor, the local clerk, and the county or municipal attorney that took the action agree.
MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedHousing
HB 27Public Information Website ModificationsRep. PierucciRequires the Division of Archives and Records to include finance information for public entities on the Utah Open Data Portal.SupportDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedBusiness Climate
H.B. 29Statewide Aquatic Invasive Species Emergency Response PlanRep. StrattonRequires the Division of Wildlife Resources to develop a statewide aquatic invasive species emergency response plan aimed at remediating the spread of aquatic invasive species throughout the state.SupportDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedNatural Resources
H.B. 30Tax ModificationsRep. BarlowIntegrates income tax code and sales tax code provisions from the Third and Fourth Special Sessions of 2020 and makes technical and clarifying amendments.MonitorSenate/Passed 3rd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 32Energy Balancing Account AmendmentsRep. AlbrechtCreates a process for establishing an energy balancing account and outlines the process for requesting an interim rate as a part of the energy balancing account process.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedNatural Resources
H.B. 36Telehealth Mental Health ProgramRep. WardRemoves the sunset date for the telehealth mental health pilot program and provisions describing the program as a pilot program.PrioritySenate Committee - Sent to RulesHealth Care

Mental Health
H.B. 38School Technology AmendmentsRep. SeegmillerRequires that any digital resource provider that contracts with UTEN must prohibit and prevent a public school student using the resource from sending, receiving, viewing, or downloading obscene or pornographic material.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 39Corporate Tax Unadjusted Income AmendmentsRep. SagersProvides that a corporate taxpayer's unadjusted income is determined before any deductions related to foreign-derived intangible income and global intangible low-taxed income, and deferred foreign income.SupportDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedBusiness Climate

H.B. 40Tax Status Disclosure AmendmentsRep. ThurstonRequires the State Tax Commission to disclose tax status information to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission related to individuals who are obtaining or maintaining a license under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedBusiness Climate


H.B. 54Insurance RevisionsRep. DunniganCreates the Radon Task Force and requires the task force to study and make recommendations on ways to increase public awareness about the risks of radon; and ways to mitigate Utah residents' exposure to radon.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 56Intergenerational Poverty Mitigation Act AmendmentsRep. WinderAdds representatives of minority communities where children are disproportionately impacted by intergenerational poverty to the International Poverty Advisory Committee. SupportSenate/2nd ReadingCommunity

Equality and Inclusion in Opportunity
H.B. 63Impact Fees AmendmentsRep. PierucciAllows impact fees to include Expenses for Overhead. Including costs for developing an impact fee analysis, imposing an impact fee, and any related overhead expenses. MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedHousing
H.B. 68Rental Expenses Disclosure RequirementsRep. JudkinsThis bill requires that prior to a landlord accepting a rental application or application fee, the landlord disclose to the potential tenant an itemized list of the amounts the renter will or may be obligated to pay; if there is an available unit, and the criteria the owner will review as a condition of accepting the prospective renter as a renter, such as criminal history, credit, income, employment, or rental history. A rental agreement must include all amounts the renter is or may be obligated to pay, and prohibits the landlord from charging a renter more unless they are month to month and the owner provides a 15-day notice of the charge.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingHousing
H.B. 72Device Filter AmendmentsRep. PulsipherRequires a tablet or a smartphone manufactured after January 1, 2022, to automatically enable a filter capable of blocking material that is harmful to minors. Allows only users with a passcode to deactivate the filter for the device or for specific content and notify the user when content is filtered.

Creates an action that can be brought by the attorney general or a member of the public against a manufacturer if the device does not contain an enabled filter upon activation in the state and a minor accessed material that is harmful to minors on the device.

States that the bill becomes effective only upon adoption by five surrounding states. Creates a penalty of up to $10 for each violation.
ConcernSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 77Aviation Liability Insurance AmendmentsRep. ActonRequires a registered aircraft to be insured at the minimum levels of:

$50,000 per person for bodily injury or death in any one accident;
$50,000 for property damage in any one accident; and
$100,000 in any one accident, whether for property damage, or bodily injury or death.

And provide proof of insurance at time of registration.
MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 80Data Security AmendmentsRep. BrooksCreates an affirmative defense to causes of action arising out of a data breach involving personal information, restricted information, or both personal information and restricted information for entities that implement a well written cyber security policy based on best practices. PrioritySenate/Passed 3rd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 81Mental Health Days for StudentsRep. WinderAdds mental or behavioral health as a valid excuse for a school absence.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedMental Health
H.B. 82Single-family Housing ModificationsRep. WardRequires municipalities and counties to allow for certain accessory dwelling units.PrioritySenate CommitteeHousing
H.B. 87Electronic Information and Data Privacy AmendmentsRep. HallRequires a law enforcement entity to seek a warrant for electronic information from a provider of electronic communication services. Requires the law enforcement agency to notify the owner of the data within 90 days of executing a warrant or within 3 days of completing an investigation. MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedBusiness Climate
H.B. 89Hydrogen Tax Credit AmendmentsRep. SagersAllows a taxpayer who owns a hydrogen electrolysis system that supplies all or part of the energy used by the taxpayer, and who obtains a certificate, to claim a .12 cent credit for each kilogram of hydrogen used, stored, or sold during the taxable year.MonitorHouse Committee - Motion to Recommend FailedNatural Resources
H.B. 91Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty VehiclesRep. StoddardRenacts and extends to 2029 the availability of the tax credit for alternative heavy duty vehicles.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 92Medical Practice AmendmentsRep. ShippMakes it unprofessional conduct to perform a “medically unnecessary” puberty inhibition procedure or a sex characteristic-altering procedure on a minor.OpposeHouse Committee - Returned to RulesHealth Care
H.B. 93Youth Suicide Prevention Programs AmendmentsRep. KingRequires school districts and charter schools to ensure coordination between youth suicide prevention programs and certain other prevention programs.SupportSenate CommitteeMental Health
H.B. 94Microenterprise Home Kitchen AmendmentsRep. WatkinsGives authority to local health departments to create and issue and administer microenterprise home kitchen permits.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 97Property Tax Penalties AmendmentsRep. GwynnReduces the penalty for failure to sign property tax documents assessing the value of property from 10% of the estimated tax due or a minimum of $25 go 1% of the estimated tax due or a minimum of $10.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
H.B. 98Local Government Building Regulation AmendmentsRep. RayAllows an independent building inspector to issue a certificate of occupancy to a building permit applicant if the applicant opts out and notifies the town that they have hired a licensed building inspector.MonitorHouse/passed 3rd ReadingHousing
H.B. 107Subdivision Plat AmendmentsRep. FerryRequires an owner of land seeking approval for the recording of a subdivision plat to describe water conveyance facilities of the proposed subdivision and notify the owners of the water conveyance facilities about the proposed subdivision.MonitorSent for EnrollingHousing
H.B. 110Health Care Payment AmendmentsRep. WinderProvides that state entity health care provider may not collect an overdue payment for a medical material or service from the debtor's income tax overpayment or refund if the debtor has made payment arrangements and is current on payments under the payment arrangements.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedHealth Care
HB 117Vaccine Reporting AmendmentsRep. WardProhibits a business from requiring a vaccination verification from the Utah Statewide Immunization Information System (USIIS) before providing services.ConcernSenate Committee - Motion to Recommend FailedBusiness Climate
HB 119Motor Vehicle Insurance AmendmentsRep. JudkinsIncreases the minimum coverage limits for motor vehicle insurance for liability from $25,000 to $100,000 for injury or death of one person, from $65,000 to $200,000 for injury or death of two or more persons, and from $15,000 to $45,000 for injury or destruction of property, and from $80,000 to $150,000 for any one accident.MonitorHouse Committee - HeldBusiness Climate
H.B. 120Unemployment Insurance AmendmentsRep. Dailey-ProvostRequires nonprofit organizations to notify an employee if the employee will be unable to claim service performed for the nonprofit organization as employment for the purpose of qualifying for unemployment insurance benefits.SupportSenate/2nd ReadingLabor and Employment
H.B. 122Property Redemption AmendmentsRep. LymanStates that the county treasurer shall first apply delinquent tax payments towards the charges for the earliest year included in the delinquent account at the time of payment.MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
H.B. 123Feasibility Study for Air Quality LaboratoryRep. HandyRequires the Division of Air Quality to study and make recommendations regarding the feasibility of creating a premier state-level air quality and changing climate solutions laboratory.MonitorHouse RulesNatural Resources
H.B. 125Intergenerational Poverty SolutionRep. ThurstonThis bill creates the Education Savings Incentive Program, which provides a process for people experiencing intergenerational poverty to receive a state match of funds deposited into 529 savings accounts. Eligible individuals must be identified by the Departmentof Workforce services at experiencing intergenerational poverty, be eligible for and claim the federal earned income tax credit the year prior to applying for the program, and own one or more eligible 529 savings accounts. As funds allow a match of $1 to $1 will be deposited into the account, with a maximum of $300 per family.MonitorSenate RulesCommunity
H.B. 126Licensing AmendmentsRep. BrammerAmends the definition of “hair braiding” for licensure purposes to include the use of wefts if applied without the use of glue or tape.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingLabor and Employment
H.B. 127Ranked-choice Voting AmendmentsRep. WinderRequires the state or a county to use ranked choice voting for a primary election where the number of candidates exceeds the number of candidates to be nominated by more than two.MonitorHouse RulesCommunity
H.B. 139Competency Based Hiring AmendmentsRep. ThurstonProhibits state and local governments from requiring a minimum educational requirements for employment, except where educational qualifications are legally required to perform the duties of the position.ConcernDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedLabor and Employment
H.B. 140Income Tax Revenue AmendmentsRep. ThurstonCreates the Income Tax Surplus Restricted Account and requires the Division of Finance to deposit Income Tax as directed into the account to be used for education purposes consistent with Utah Constitution, Article X, Section 1.MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate
H.B. 144Water Pricing StructureRep. MossRequires a retail water provider to take into consideration the lot size of a customer receiving water from the retail water provider in establishing a block unit if the retail water provider provides water that may be used by the customer for outdoor use.MonitorHouse RulesNatural Resources
H.B. 145Clean and Renewable Energy Requirement AmendmentsRep. WardStates that To the extent that it is cost effective, beginning July 1, 2030, at least 50% of the total kilowatt-hours of a large-scale electric utility's annual retail electric sales to customers in this state in a calendar year shall consist of qualifying clean electricity or renewable energy certificates.MonitorHouse CommitteeEnvironment and Natural Resources
H.B. 151State Infrastructure Bank AmendmentsRep. BrammerProhibits the use of State Infrastructure Bank revenue for the construction or improvement of a parking facility.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingTransportation
H.B. 153Energy Storage Asset Tax CreditRep. HandyEnacts a refundable corporate and individual tax credit for the purpose of an energy storage asset for commercial or industrial use, equal to the lesser of 20% of the purchase price of the energy storage asset or $100,000.MonitorHouse Committee - HeldNatural Resources
H.B. 157Price Controls During Emergencies Act AmendmentsRep. ShippSpecifies the difference between those who have previously sold goods or are selling goods for the first time during an emergency.

Increases the definition of excessive price from 10% above the total cost for the good or service to 110% of the total cost for the good or service.
MonitorHouse/CircledBusiness Climate
H.B. 161Military Retirement AmendmentsRep. PierucciProvides that a claimant who receives military retirement pay may claim a nonrefundable tax credit against taxes equal to the product of the income tax rate and the amount of military retirement pay that is included in adjusted gross income on the claimant's federal income tax return for the taxable year.PrioritySenate RulesBusiness Climate
H.B. 169Disaster Response and Recovery Act AmendmentsRep. BrammerGives the Legislature the authority to limit the emergency powers of the Governor, the Division of Emergency Management, or the executive of a subdivision of the state during a pending emergency. House RulesCommunity
H.B. 171Agricultural Land Use RegulationRep. ChewProhibits a municipality or county from restricting the type of crop that may be grown in an area that is zoned as agricultural or from passing regulations that conflict with state laws specific to industrial hemp.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedBusiness Climate

Natural Resources
H.B. 178Pharmacy Practice ModificationsRep. ThurstonAllows a pharmacist to issue prescription for a drug or device if the drug or device is within the scope of the pharmacist’s experience and is not a schedule I, II, III, or IV substance, is an immunization, is to treat a chronic condition for which the patient has previously been prescribed the drug, or is for a condition that will resolve on its own. (See bill for details)MonitorSent for EnrollingHealth Care
H.B. 179Cause of Action for Referral FeesRep. AbbottStates that a legal client may bring a cause of action against an attorney or law firm to recover a client referral fee if the attorney paid such a fee and did not inform the client of the obligation to pay the fee.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 181Personalized Competency-Based LearningRep. JohnsonChanges “Competency-Based Education” to “Personalized Competency-Based Learning.” Defines Personalized Competency-Based Learning as a system based on the students personalized progress and learning style and creates a grant program to implement the concept.ConcernDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedEducation
H.B. 183Occupational and Professional Licensing AmendmentsRep. BirkelandThis bill allows a person who has practiced an occupation or profession outside of Utah in a state that does not require a license, but where Utah does require a license, to receive a professional license if they have three years experience in the relevant area, has not pending criminal or civil actions and DOPL determines that their education and training are similar to those required to receive a license in Utah.MonitorHouse CommitteeLabor and Employment
H.B. 187Pharmacy Benefits AmendmentsRep. HarrisonStates that a pharmacy benefit manager may not deny an employer in this state, or prevent an employer in this state from accessing, pharmacy benefit management service on the basis that two or more employers, in order to create efficiencies or to achieve potential cost savings, jointly request or jointly plan to purchase the pharmacy benefit management service through a new or an existing agreement.MonitorHouse CommitteeHealth Care
H.B. 193Intimate Image Distribution ProhibitionRep. KwanProhibits the distribution of a counterfeit intimate image and requires a hosting company to remove an intimate image or a counterfeit intimate image upon notice from law enforcement or the subject of the image.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 199Pawnshop and Secondhand Merchandise Transaction Information Act AmendmentsRep. DunniganRequires an automated recycling kiosk that purchases a wireless communication to obtain a color photograph of the individual selling the wireless device and requires the secondhand merchandise dealer to maintain the device for 60 days after purchase before reselling.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedBusiness Climate
H.B. 202Health Care Consumer Protection ActRep. ThurstonStates that it is a “deceptive practice” for a health care provider to misrepresent that they are a contracted provider under a health benefit plan.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedHealth Care
H.B. 208Water Quality Act AmendmentsRep. RayProvides that an individual acting wholly within the individuals employment is not personally subject to legal actions for violations of the Water Quality Act.MonitorSent for EnrollingLabor and Employment
HB 209Vehicle Registration Fee RevisionsRep. ChristoffersonIncreases vehicle registration fees on electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and other vehicles.MonitorHouse/FailedTransportation
H.B. 214Disclosure of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings ActRep. StoddardRequires the disclosure of unreinforced masonry in a real estate transaction.MonitorHouse Committee - HeldHousing
H.B. 217Regulatory Sandbox Program AmendmentsRep. MaloyCreates a regulatory relief office within GOED and creates the General Regulatory Sandbox Program to identify state laws or regulations that could be waived or suspended under the program.SupportSenate/3rd ReadingBusiness Climate
H.B. 221Property Tax RecordsRep. FerrySpecifies that only records provided by the taxpayer relating to a taxpayer's eligibility for a property tax exemption, deferral, abatement, or relief are classified as “private” under the Government Records and Management Act.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedBusiness Climate

H.B. 223Alternative Fuel Incentives AmendmentsRep. BallardProvides that a taxpayer may claim a nonrefundable tax credit for a fuel cell that has a rated capacity for generating electricity of five megawatts or smaller, and the fuel cell is completed and placed in service, on or after January 1, 2022 in an air quality control region that is in nonattainment status.

A qualifying tax credit would be equal to 10% of the reasonable costs of the fuel cell.
MonitorSenate CommitteeNatural Resources

HB 232Attorney General AmendmentsRep. KingStates that the attorney general may not join an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the state that is inconsistent with state policy and without consulting with the Governor.

Requires the attorney general to consult with and obtain the consent of the governor before taking action or joining an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the state.
House CommitteeBusiness Climate

HB 234Division of Real Estate AmendmentsRep. MusslemanPermits the Division of Real Estate to suspend or revoke the registration of an appraisal management company registered in the state if the company fails to pay registration fees.

Permits disciplinary action against an entity for licensing statute violations made while the person should have been registered, an appraisal management company.

Permits the Division of Real Estate to enter into a reciprocal licensing agreement with another jurisdiction for a principal broker, associate broker, or sales agent license.
MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingLabor and Employment

HB 235Annexation AmendmentsRep. SagersModifies the signature requirement for an annexation petition involving rural real property to require 100% a rural real property owners’ signatures when the rural real property is larger than 1,500 acres and consists of two or more tax parcels.OpposeHouse RulesHousing
HB 243Privacy Protection AmendmentsRep. Gibson
Authorizes the state auditor to appoint and create and oversee a data privacy officer and the members of the Personal Privacy Oversight Committee.

Authorizes the state auditor to require government entities to halt the use of certain technologies or privacy policies, subject to legislative override.
MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
HB 244First Class County Highway Road Funds AmendmentsRep. DunniganAllocates the distribution of funds from the County of the First Class Highway Projects Fund in order to mitigate congestion and improve transportation safety, annually for the next 15 years:
$1,300,000 to Taylorsville
$1,200,000 to Sandy
$1,000,000 to Salt Lake City
$425,000 to Herriman for improvements to 12600 South between Mountain View Corridor and 7000 West
$350,000 to South Jordan, and
$275,000 to Riverton for improvements to 12600 South between Bangerter Highway and Mountain View Corridor
MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingTransportation
HB 247Transient Room Tax Amendments
Rep. AlbrechtAdds Economic Diversification activity to the reasons a county legislative body in a county of the fourth, fifth, or sixth class with a national park or national recreation areas within the county's boundaries may expend the revenue generated by a transient room tax.ConcernSenate/2nd ReadingCommunity
HB 250Driver License RevisionsRep. Eliason
Requires the Driver License Division of the Department of Public Safety to include an identifying symbol or sticker on an individual's driver license or identification card to indicate that the individual is an individual with a disability, upon request from an individual.
SupportHouse Committee - motion to support failedEquality and Inclusion in Opportunity
HB 251Electronic Keyword and Location AmendmentsRep. WilcoxProhibits a court from granting of a reverse-keyword or reverse-location court order by a government entity and prohibits the request of reverse-keyword and reverse-location data.MonitorHouse/CircledBusiness Climate
HB 254Outdoor Recreational Grant Program AmendmentsRep. WinderAllows the Outdoor Recreation Grant Advisory Committee to use the transient room tax for Utah Children's Outdoor Recreation and Education programs.SupportHouse RulesCommunity
HB 256County Land Use and Development AmendmentsRep. TeuscherProhibits a county of the first class from entering into a development agreement that requires the incorporation or annexation of an unincorporated area of the county. ConcernSenate/2nd ReadingHousing
HB 257Utahraptor State ParkRep. EliasonAuthorizes the division of Parks and Recreation to create the Utahraptor State Park within the Dalton Wells area.MonitorSenate CommitteeCommunity
HB 262Children’s Health Insurance AmendmentsRep. WeltonCreates the Children's Health Care Coverage Program.

Creates the "Children's Health Insurance Coverage Program Restricted Account" that consists of money appropriated to the restricted account by the Legislature and private donations.
MonitorSenate CommitteeHealth Care

HB 263Utah Clean Energy FundRep. BriscoeCreates an independent nonprofit corporation, known as the Utah Clean Energy Fund to promote investment in, and support and finance qualified projects. Provides for a board of directors and executive director. MonitorHouse Committee - Held
HB 265Pharmacy Software AmendmentsRep. LesserRequires a pharmacy software system that receives electronic prescriptions for a controlled substance to allow an unfilled prescription to be transferred to a different pharmacy.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate

Health Care
HB 266Cosmetology AmendmentsRep. PierucciCreates an exemption from licensure under the cosmetology act for an individual who only dries, styles, arranges, dresses, curls, hot irons, shampoos, or conditions hair, receives a hair safety permit; and displays a sign in the individual's place of business informing the public that the individual is not licensed under the cosmetology act.MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 270Property Tax Valuation AmendmentsRep. HawkesProvides that property value stipulated between a taxpayer and the county assessor qualifies as a “final assessed value.”

Allows a property owner to appeal a valuation if a “qualifying change” has occurred. Defines “qualifying change as: a physical improvement that equals or exceeds the greater of 10% of fair market value or $20,000, a zoning change, or a change in the legal description of the property.
MonitorSenate/CircledBusiness Climate

HB 271Home Child Care AmendmentsRep. PulsipherIncreases the number of children that a child care provider can care for without obtaining a residential child care certificate from five to seven. MonitorSenate Committee - Motion to Recommend FailedBusiness Climate

HB 273Single Family Housing AmendmentsRep. PetersonStates that a county or municipality may not establish any restrictions or requirements for the construction or use of an internal accessory dwelling unit, including a restriction or requirement governing:
the size of an internal accessory dwelling unit in relation to the primary dwelling within which the internal accessory dwelling unit is created; total lot size parking; or street frontage.

Further states, that an internal accessory dwelling unit shall comply with all applicable building codes, fire codes
do not apply to accessory dwelling units that are not internal accessory dwelling units.
SupportHouse RulesHousing
HB 277Child Care Eligibility AmendmentsRep. MatthewsProvides that the Office of child Care may grant for a full child care subsidy or grant for an income-eligible child whose family income is equal to or below 100% of the federal poverty level and a progressively lower child care subsidy or grant for each tenth of a percentage point by which the income-eligible child's family income exceeds 100% of the federal poverty level.SupportSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate

HB 281County Development Activity AmendmentsRep. LymanProvides that a developing county may not commence development activity on a boundary of another county that will conflict with another county’s general play without a written agreement regarding the development activity. ConcernHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate

HB 284Minimum Wage AmendmentsRep. CollardIncreases the minimum wage to $12.00 per hour on July 1, 2021, with a yearly increase to $15.00 per hour in 2025.

Increases the case wage obligation for a tipped employee to $5.00 per hour.
OpposeHouse Committee - TabledBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
HB 287Nurse Practice Act AmendmentsRep. WeltonAllows a nurse practitioner to prescribe controlled substances without consulting a doctor or experienced nurse. SupportSenate Committee - HeldHealth Care
HB 288Education and Mental Health Coordinating CouncilRep. PetersonCreates the Education and Mental Health Coordinating Council and requires the council to make findings and recommendations regarding behavioral health support to youth and families within the state. SupportSenate CommitteeEducation

HB 294Pandemic Emergency Powers AmendmentsRep. RayTerminates the emergency powers and public health emergency powers related to COVID-19 when 1,700,000 in the state people in the state that have either received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine contracted COVID-19 and recovered. MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate

HB 297Colorado River AmendmentsRep. WilsonAddresses Utah's management of Utah's Colorado River system interests, by creating the Colorado River Authority of Utah. SupportSenate/2nd ReadingNatural Resources
HB 298Utility Proceeding Amendments Rep. HandyCreates the Children's Coverage Outreach Pilot Program. Creates a grant program to provide targeted outreach program and a media outreach campaign to increase awareness of available resources and assist with application. Expands coverage for eligibility to children who are otherwise ineligible for federal financial participation, but meet the income requirements. House Committee - HeldHealth Care

HB 299Mental Health Wellbeing in Schools Pilot ProgramRep. WatkinsCreates a one-year pilot program to provide training and education on mental health to selected local education agencies. House CommitteeEducation

Health Care

HB 302Preserving Sports for Female StudentsRep. BirkelandRequires schools to designate sports programs as specific to “male,” “female,” or “coed” or “mixed.”

Prohibits a governmental entity from entertaining a complaint, opening an investigation or taking other adverse action against an institution for enforcing the labeled distinctions.

Creates a cause of action for a student who alleges they have been deprived of an athletic opportunity directly or indirectly as a violation of this section.
OpposeSenate Committee - HeldCommunity

Equality and Inclusion in Opportunity
HB 304Digital Opportunity Access AmendmentsRep. Dailey-ProvostCreates the Digital Equity Program within the State Library Division. Charges the program with promoting digital access, digital literacy, and digital safety. Senate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate


HB 306Liability for Providing Services to Disabled AdultsRep. JudkinsLimits the liability of a person who provides habilitative support services to an adult with a disability. House CommitteeBusiness Climate

Health Care
HB 308COVID-19 Vaccine AmendmentsRep. SpendloveProhibits a governmental entity from requiring that an individual receive a vaccine for COVID-19.MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingHealth Care

HB 309Intergenerational Poverty Work and Self-Sufficiency Tax CreditRep. SpendloveEnacts a refundable state earned income tax credit for individuals who are experiencing intergenerational poverty. MonitorHouse RulesCommunity
HB 313Heritage and Arts AmendmentsRep. WinderChanges the name of the Department of Heritage and Arts to the Department of Cultural and Community Engagement. Modifies the powers and duties of the department.SupportSenate/2nd ReadingCommunity

Equity and Inclusion in Opportunity
HB 320Enterprise Zone Tax Credit AmendmentsRep. SagersAuthorizes the use of an enterprise zone tax credit from 2022 through 2026 for investments in a plant, equipment, or other depreciable property used to produce or process from a renewable source, hydrogen for use as fuel, or distribute or dispense hydrogen fuel produced from a renewable energy source.MonitorSenate CommitteeNatural Resources
HB 321Division of Consumer Protection AmendmentsRep. DunniganDefines and sets standards for health spa services and contracts for health spa services.

Provides specifics related to a consumer's right to rescind a health spa service and requires the registration of a health spa facility.

Creates the “Earned Wage Access Services Act.
MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
HB 328Adult Learners Grant ProgramRep. SnowCreates the Adult Learners Grant Program to provide financial assistance to students who are at least 26 years old, show a financial need, and are pursuing an online degree or certificate in a field with an industry need.PrioritySenate/2nd ReadingLabor and Employment

HB 331Income Tax ReductionsRep. SeegmillerReduces the individual and corporate income tax rate from 4.95% to 4.9%.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 335Investment Fees AmendmentsRep. RobertsonWaives the notice filing fee for the timely filing of United States Securities Exchange Commission Form D when the total offering amount does not exceed $500,000.MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 336Suicide Prevention AmendmentsRep. EliasonChanges the firearm safety and suicide prevention program run by the state Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health from a coupon to a rebate for buying a gun safe. Also creates a program where the Division provides suicide prevention training grants to health care organizations. Also removes the grant application requirement to receive funds for clean-up and bereavement services in the event of a suicide.MonitorSenate RulesHealth Care

Mental Health
HB 340Mathematics and Science Opportunities for Students and Teachers ProgramRep. EliasonCreates the Mathematics and Science Opportunities for Students and Teachers Grant Program to increase opportunities for supporting math and science teachers in their instructional delivery as it pertains to student learning outcomes. SupportSenate CommitteeEducation
HB 342Government Enterprise AmendmentsRep. StrongRequires cities and counties to evaluate and conduct an inventory of activities and services they provide that are also provided by a private entity in their jurisdiction. MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 347Homeless Services AmendmentsRep. EliasonCreates the Office of Homeless Services within the Department of Workforce Services and the Utah Homelessness Council in addition to other oversight, management, and governance issues related to homeless services across the state.PrioritySenate/2nd ReadingCommunity

HB 348Economic Development AmendmentsRep. HawkesRewrites Utah’s laws surrounding Economic Development and restructures the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED). The bill changes the name of GOED to the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (Go Utah Office). The bill makes many changes, including the creation of the Unified Economic Opportunity Commission, and restructures other existing GOED boards and commissions. SupportSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
HB 351Parental Leave AmendmentsRep. CollardRequires executive branch agencies and departments to provide an eligible employee parental leave upon the birth or adoption of the employee's child.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
HB 353Barber Licensing AmendmentsRep. LymanRequires a barber to pass an examination that consists of a written theory portion and a practical portion or pass a practical examination and provide the written attestation of a licensed barber or cosmetologist stating that the applicant has the necessary training and skill to be a licensed barber.MonitorHouse/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
HB 354Rural Municipal Economic Development Loan ProgramRep. StenquistCreates the Municipal Infrastructure Fund within the Governor's Office of Economic Development made up of the appropriations made to the fund by the Legislature, federal money and grants that are deposited into the fund, contributions and grants from any private or public sources for deposit into the fund.

The fund may be used by the office to make infrastructure loans to rural municipalities.
SupportHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 356Rural Economic Development Tax IncrementRep. AlbrechtExpands the definitions of "new commercial project," "high paying job," and "significant capital investment," related to new commercial projects located in rural areas of the state for which the Rural Economic Development Tax Increment can be used. MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
HB 357Written Agreement AmendmentsRep. NelsonStates that written agreement entered into on or after May 5, 2021 signed, written agreement that prohibits modification or rescission except by assigned writing may not be modified or rescinded by a means other than a signed writing.MonitorHouse/FailedBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
HB 361Minimum Wage Modifications Rep. MatthewsDivides counties into urban and nonurban counties and increases the minimum wage in each category of counties at a different rate each year through 2028 and then adjusted for inflation each year thereafter. ConcernHouse RulesBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
HB 363Medicaid Waivers for New MothersRep. WardDirects the Department of Health to apply for a waiver from the federal government to implement extended Medicaid coverage for certain new mothers.MonitorHouse CommitteeHealth Care

HB 364Utah Lake AuthorityRep. BrammerCreates the Utah Lake Authority and establishes a board to govern the Utah Lake Authority. Provides for the hiring of an executive director, defines the executive director's role,
and provides a process for the adoption and amendment of a project area plan and a project area budget.

Allows the Utah Lake Authority to be paid certain sales tax revenue and other sources of revenue, and provides for the allowable uses of revenue. Authorizes the Utah Lake Authority to issue bonds and includes provisions related to

Repeals the authority of the Division of Forestry, Fire, and
State Lands for the restoration of Utah Lake and gives that authority to the Utah Lake Authority.
MonitorHouse Committee - HeldNatural Resources
HB 365State Agency RealignmentRep. RayCreates the Department of Health and Human Services to combine the functions of the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services.

Amends the responsibilities of the Department of Workforce Services to include the administration of Medicaid eligibility.
MonitorSenate RulesBusiness Climate
HB 370Earned Wage Access Service AmendmentsRep. DunniganCreates the Earned Wage Access Services Act and requires the Department of Commerce to oversee registration and regulation under the Act. MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 371Alcoholic Beverage Control AmendmentsRep. HawkesMakes a significant number of substantial changes to Utah alcohol laws and licencing provisions. See bill for details. Senate CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 374Restrictive Covenants AmendmentsRep. WinderStates that any provision in a previously recorded written instrument relating to real property that directly or indirectly expresses any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, source of income, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity is void. And affirmatively states that it is a discriminatory housing practice to honor or attempt to honor a provision described.SupportSenate RulesHousing

Equity and Inclusion in Opportunity
HB 376Fitness Facility Membership AmendmentsRep. RayRequires a health spa to permit a customer to cancel a health spa service or receive a refund in person at a health spa facility where the customer receives a health spa service and prohibits a health spa from requiring a customer to contact a third party or go online to cancel a health spa service or receive a refund.MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 384Health Data Privacy AmendmentsRep. StrongStates that no place of public accommodation may, as a condition for receiving accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, goods, or services, require an individual to disclose the individual's vaccination status; or refuse to provide accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, goods, or services to an individual on the basis of the individual's vaccination status.ConcernHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 385Antidiscrimination Act AmendmentsRep. PetersonProhibits employment discrimination based on an individual's political activity or political affiliation. MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
HB 391Apprenticeship Nomenclature ActRep. WinderProvides definitions for Apprenticeship Program, Pre-apprenticeship program, and Youth Apprenticeship Program. MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
HB 394Collection Agency AmendmentsRep. RayRequires that as soon as practicable, but no later than one business day after the day on which a creditor or third party debt collection agency receives a payment from or on behalf of a debtor, the creditor or third party debt collection agency shall provide the debtor a receipt that states the payment date, the payment amount, the account to which the payment was applied.MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 401Fee AmendmentsRep. WaldripSpecifies that a municipality may only charge the “actual estimated” fees for various permits and inspections. House Committee - HeldBusiness Climate

HB 403Business Expansion and Retention AmendmentsRep. WatkinsReenacts and modifies the Business Expansion and Retention Initiative program administered by the Governor's Office of Economic Development and Requires the Governor's Rural Partnership Board to review applications for the Business Expansion and Retention Initiative program.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 404Utah Immigration Assistance CenterRep. FerryCreates the Utah Immigration Assistance Center within the Governor's Office of Economic Development to coordinate and provide technical support for businesses in the state that intend to utilize federal foreign labor programs, provide outreach and information to businesses that could benefit from foreign labor programs, coordinate with state and federal government partners to facilitate the successful use of foreign labor programs on behalf of businesses in the state and coordinate with other entities engaged in international efforts.SupportHouse/2nd ReadingInclusion and Equity in Opportunity
HB 409Municipal and County Land Use Development RevisionsRep. WaldripEstablishes annual training requirements for a municipal or county planning commission. Requires a local land use authority to establish objective standards for conditional uses. Prohibits a municipality or county from imposing land use regulations on building permit applications for single-family dwellings located within recorded plates. SupportHouse CommitteeHousing
HB 414Uniform Easement Relocation ActRep. SnowAdopts the Uniform Easement Relocation Act. MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate

HB 416Local Tax Sales AmendmentsRep. HallStates that a tax sale may occur at the front door of the county courthouse in the county where the real property is located; or through an electronic process if the tax sale occurs in the same format as a tax sale would occur at the front door of the county courthouse except that participation is through an electronic means.MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate

HB 423Alternating Proprietorship OptionsRep. BriscoeDefines “alternating proprietorship" means an arrangement in which two or more manufacturing licensees take turns using the licensed premises of a winery, distillery, or brewery and permits the Labor Commission to a person operating a proprietorship. MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 424Alcohol Beverage Act Affordable Housing FundRep. OwensCreates the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Affordable Housing Fund and dedicates a percentage of revenue from liquor sales he fund and outlines the uses of the money in the fund by the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund.House RulesHousing
HB 432Online Beer Order and Delivery Amendments Rep. BriscoeCreates a beer delivery license. MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 433Amendments Related to Infrastructure FundingRep. SchultzAuthorizes $1,400,000,000 in bonds to fund the following transportation projects:

$200,000,000 to double track strategic sections of the FrontRunner commuter rail system;
$11,000,000 for bus rapid transit in the Salt Lake mid valley area;
$5,000,000 for an environmental study at the point of the mountain area; and
$4,000,000 for a Utah Transit Authority and Sharp-Tintic railroad consolidation project.
HB 434Rural Coworking and Innovation Center Grant Program Amendments Rep. AlbrechtAmends the requirements for the Rural Coworking and Innovation Center Grant Program. MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 436Wind Energy Facility Siting AmendmentsRep. RayRequires an owner or operator of a wind energy facility to undergo the Military Aviation and Installation Assurance Siting Clearinghouse process before commencement of construction on a wind turbine or a wind energy facility and file documentation with the Department of Natural Resources that the clearinghouse has determined that the proposed construction does not encroach upon or otherwise have a significant adverse impact on the military.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 437Official State Language RepealRep. KwanRepeals the provision that English is the official language of Utah.MonitorHouse RulesCommunity

Inclusion and Equity in Opportunity
HB 439Peer-to-peer Car Sharing ActRep. SpendloveProhibits a public entity from regulating a peer-to-peer car sharing company or a peer-to-peer vehicle owner in the same manner as a motor vehicle rental company.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 444Sales and Use Tax Refund ModificationsRep. WatkinsEnacts a refund of state sales and use tax paid for the purchase or lease of machinery, equipment, normal operating repair or replacement parts, or materials, except for office equipment or office supplies, by an oil and gas extraction establishment or a pipeline transportation establishment.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
HB 445Paycheck Protection
Recipient Relief Grant Program
Rep. HarrisonCreates a grant program for certain small businesses that received forgiven loans from a paycheck protection program.SupportHouse RulesBusiness Climate
H.C.R. 1Concurrent Resolution Encouraging a Balanced Approach to the Release of Water from Flaming GorgeRep. ChewExpresses support and recognition of the Green River Stakeholders and the need to reduce the adverse effects of current Flaming Gorge Dam operations to the local communities, recreational businesses, ranchers, farmers, landowners, and individuals who work and live within the river corridor.MonitorGovernor SignedNatural Resources
H.C.R. 2Concurrent Resolution on Effect of Federal Land Valuation ModelRep. StrattonStates that a federal land valuation model developed under the direction of the Federalism Commission is indeed only to assist the state in establishing the fair market value of federal lang within the state for purposes of demonstrating the inadequacy of PILT money.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedNatural Resources
H.C.R. 3Concurrent Resolution Regarding Native American Mascots and Equality in Public SchoolsRep. WeightRecognizes the harm done by using Native American mascots, encourages schools to retire those mascots, and encourages the State Board of Education and local education agencies to provide instruction in Native American culture and history.SupportHouse/FailedEquality and Inclusion in Opportunity
H.C.R. 5Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Statewide Emissions Reduction GoalsRep. HandyRecognizes the recommendations by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute presented in the Utah Roadmap to adopt emissions reduction targets.MonitorHouse RulesNatural Resources
HJR 13Joint Resolution Declaring Racism a Moral and Public Health CrisisRep. HollinsDeclares racism to be a moral and public health crisis and states the Legislature's commitment to address the crisis.House/CircledCommunity
S.B. 10Place Name AmendmentsSen. IwamotoAuthorizes the Division of Indian Affairs to facilitate the application process for changing location names referring to American Indian terms.SupportDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedEquality and Inclusion in Opportunity
S.B. 15Workforce Solutions for Air Quality AmendmentsSen. McCayRequires State Agencies to evaluate and report their ability to increase the number of agency employees that are able to telework on Red Air days and at other times.SupportHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactLabor and Employment

Natural Resources
S.B. 18Property Tax Exemption AmendmentsSen. HarperAllows for the value of qualifying exempt revenue to be included in the calculation of the certified tax rate.

Exempts the first $50,000 of a taxpayer's taxable tangible personal property within a county from taxation.
PriorityHouse/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
S.B. 25Corporate Tax AmendmentsSen. BrambleAllows a taxpayer to carry back, for up to three years, a Utah net loss realized during or a taxable year that begins on or after July 1, 2019, but ends on or before June 29, 2022.PriorityHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactBusiness Climate
S.B. 26Property Tax Relief AmendmentsSen. DavisModifies the qualifications for circuit breaker tax relief by specifying that Household income does not include income received by a member of a claimant’s household who is under the age of 18 or a parent or grandparent of the claimant or the claimant’s spouse.

Changes the consumer price index used to adjust annual income qualifications.

Prorates the amount of property taxes accrued and the amount of a homeowner's credit if the claimant buys or sells a residence after January 1 but on or before September 1.
MonitorHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactHousing
S.B. 27Physician Assistant Act AmendmentsSen. BrambleRemoves the requirement that a physician assistant maintain a specific relationship with a physician or any other health care provider.

Authorizes a physician assistant to be eligible for direct payment by all public and private payers.
MonitorHouse/2nd ReadingLabor and Employment

Health Care
S.B. 32Employee Status AmendmentsSen. BrambleStates that a remote-service contractor is not an employee of a marketplace company, if under the agreement between the contractor and the marketplace company all of the work the remote-service contractor performs under the agreement is on a per-job or per-transaction basis; and the contractor receives payment on an hourly, per-job, or per-transaction basis, and the company does not prescribe the specific hours or location of the contractor’s works.SupportDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedLabor and Employment
S.B. 33Uniform Building Code Commission AmendmentsSen. BrambleAdopts the 2020 edition of the National Electrical and Building Code.SupportSent for EnrollingHousing
S.B. 37Public Infrastructure District RevisionsSen. McCayMakes technical amendments to the Public Infrastructure District Statue.SupportHouse/CircledBusiness Climate

S.B. 39Hemp Regulation AmendmentsSen. HinkinsAllows industrial hemp producers to procure background checks through a federal system.

Requires industrial hemp laboratories to demonstrate the ability to test for delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol.

Makes it unlawful to distribute, sell, or market a product that contains greater than 0.3% of either total THC or delta-8 THC.
MonitorSenate/CircledBusiness Climate
S.B. 41Mental Health Access AmendmentsSen. EscamillaAllows a diagnosis or treatment of a mental health condition to be done via telehealth services.PriorityDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedHealth Care

Mental Health
S.B. 45Higher Education Classes for VeteransSen. WeilerAllows veterans to register for classes at State institutions of higher learning without tuition.SupportDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedEducation

S.B. 46Post-employment Restrictions AmendmentsSen. CullimoreProhibits a post employment restriction contract that is broader than necessary to protect the legitimate business interests of the employer; or applies to a geographic area that is larger than the geographic area in which the employer has significant presence or influence.OpposeHouse CommitteeLabor and Employment
S.B. 47Mental Health Crisis Intervention CouncilSen. ThatcherCreates the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Council to establish protocols and standard for the training and function of local mental health Crisis Intervention Teams.SupportHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactMental Health
S.B. 53Behavioral Emergency Services AmendmentsSen. ThatcherCreates a new license for behavioral emergency services technicians and advanced behavioral emergency services technicians.SupportHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactLabor and Employment

Health Care

Mental Health
S.B. 58Metro Township AmendmentsSen. MayneAllows a metro township to impose the municipal energy sales and use tax.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedBusiness Climate

Natural Resources
S.B. 59Consumer Alcoholic Beverage PurchasingSen. DavisRequires the DABC to establish and administer a consumer purchasing system.SupportHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactBusiness Climate

S.B. 61Outdoor Advertising AmendmentsSen. SandallProhibits a municipality or county from enacting or enforcing an ordinance that prevents an owner of a billboard from upgrading a billboard to an electronic message sign.MonitorSenate/FailedBusiness Climate

S.B. 65Community Reinvestment Agency AmendmentsSen. HarperAllows an agency or taxing entity to enter into an interlocal agreement in order to transfer project area incremental revenue.

Allows an agency to levy a property tax on property within the agency’s boundary.

Allows an agency to use property tax revenue for agency-wide project development with the consent of the parties to the interlocal agreement.
MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate

S.B. 67Workplace Violence Protective OrdersSen. WeilerProvides that an employer who reasonably believes workplace violence has occurred against the employer, an employee of the employer, or a person while the person was present at the workplace of the employer, may seek, or authorize an agent to seek, a protective order.SupportHouse CommitteeLabor and Employment
S.B. 70Mobile Crisis Outreach Team ExpansionSen. ReibeRequires local mental health authorities to match state funds for Mobile crisis outreach teams and requires the state to work with local authorities to ensure that there are at least 14 operating mobile crisis outreach teams by July 1, 2022.MonitorHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactMental Health
S.B. 74Price Control RepealsSen. AndereggRepeals the laws regarding price controls during an emergency.OpposeSenate Committee - HeldBusiness Climate
S.B. 80Utah Antidiscrimination AmendmentsSen. KitchenDefines Protective Hairstyle and defines race as including an immutable trait historically associated with race.SupportSenate Committee - Motion to Recommend FailedEquality and Inclusion in Opportunity
S.B. 86Amendments to Price Controls During Emergencies ActSen. FillmoreAmends the penalty for a violation of the price control statutes to require that a person may not be fined more than twice the expressive price of an item.MonitorHouse/CircledBusiness Climate
S.B. 87Professional Licensing AmendmendmentsSen. BrambleCreates an exemption from licensure under the cosmetology act for an individual who only dries, styles, arranges, dresses, curls, hot irons, shampoos, or conditions hair and displays a sign in the individual's place of business informing the public that the individual is not licensed under the cosmetology act.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedLabor and Employment
S.B. 89Preconstruction and Construction Lien AmendmentsSen. McKellPermits an owner’s agent to file a notice of intent to finance and outlines the requirements for the notice of intent.MonitorSenate CommitteeHousing
S.B. 95Sales Tax RevisionsSen. FillmoreExempts amounts paid or charged for tangible personal property that is used or consumed primarily in the production or development of computer software that is otherwise taxable.SupportHouse RulesBusiness Climate
S.B. 96Legislative Water Development Commission AmendmentsSen. IwamotoExtends the sunset date and clarifies quorum requirements for the Legislative Water Development Commission.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedNatural Resources
S.B. 100Taxpayer Tax Credit ModificationsSen. HarperIncreases the value of the Utah personal tax exemption from $565 to $3,113 for an individual and reduces the payment for various income levels by $0.15 from $0.13 per dollar.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate

S.B. 107In-Person Instruction PrioritizedSen. WeilerRequires the State Board of Education to reallocate an amount equivalent to a portion of a weighted pupil unit from a local education agency (LEA) that does not provide a broad-based in-person learning option for all students in kindergarten through grade 12 by a certain date to a different LEA if the LEA does not provide for broad-based in-person learning by February 8, 2021.MonitorHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactEducation
S.B. 110Tax Commission Appeal AmendmentsSen. FillmoreRequires the State Tax Commission to stay a case before the commission, if a Commission decision involving the same taxpayer, the same tax type, and the same legal issue or valuation principle is before a court on judicial review.MonitorSent for EnrollingBusiness Climate

S.B. 112Occupational Therapy Licensure CompactSen. DavisEnacts the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact.MonitorHouse Committee - HeldLabor and Employment
S.B. 114Animal Chiropractic AmendmentsSen. SandallRemoves the requirement that a veterinarian refer an animal to a licensed chiropractor before the chiropractor can treat the animal and removes the requirement that a licensed chiropractor take a course for treating animals before treating an animal instead requiring a licensed chiropractor to obtain a certification.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedLabor and Employment
S.B. 119To-Go Beverage Service AmendmentsSen. KitchenPermits a a retail licensee to sell, offer for sale, or furnish a primary spirituous liquor that is not dispensed through a calibrated metered dispensing system if: the primary spirituous liquor is in a beverage that:
-Is in an original, sealed container;
-Is not more than 12 fluid ounces; and
-Contains no more than 10% alcohol by volume or 8% by weight.
MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate


S.B. 120Outdoor Advertising RevisionsSen. KitchenProhibits the placement of a sign on private property unless a property owner and a sign owner have entered into an outdoor advertising agreement and the sign owner records notice with the County Recorder.MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate

SB 129Real Property Recording AmendmentsSen. WintertonRequires a document conveying real property include a legal description of the real property including:
- the location and boundaries of the real property by metes and bounds;
- a government survey; or
- a lot, block, or track number within a previously recorded plat or map and any easement, right-of-way, or reservation on the real property.
MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate

SB 132Child Care Center Sales Tax ExemptionSen. FillmoreExempts from sales and use tax amounts paid or charged for construction materials used to open or expand a licensed child care program.MonitorHouse RulesLabor and Employment
SB 140Pharmacy Benefit AmendmentsSen. VickersStates that an insurer may not vary the amount that the insurer reimburses to a federally qualified health center for a drug on the basis of whether the drug is a 340B drug, or the pharmacy is a 340B entity.

Further states that an insurer may not, on the basis that a federally qualified health center participates through a contractual arrangement in the 340B drug discount program, assess a fee, charge-bak or other adjustment, restrict access to the insurer’s network, require contracts with a specific pharmacy, create a restriction or charge for a patient who chooses to receive drugs from a federally qualified health center or create any additional requirements.
MonitorHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impactHealth Care
SB 141Task Force on Food SecuritySen. EscamillaCreates the Task Force on Food Security to develop a plan for establishing food security in the state.MonitorSenate/3rd ReadingCommunity
SB 144Billboard Restrictions AmendmentsSen. HinkinsProvides that a municipality may not, prevent a person from building or maintaining a billboard by incentivizing, rewarding, compensating, encouraging, or requiring a landowner or developer of land to discontinue, terminate, limit, or not renew a billboard owner's right to erect or maintain a billboard on the property or refuse to enter into a future relationship with a billboard owner.

States that in a conveyance of real property from a municipality to another person, a municipality may not restrict the purchaser's ability to place a billboard on the real property.
MonitorSenate/CircledBusiness Climate

SB 146Emissions Testing AmendmentsSen. BrambleRemoves the end date of a pilot program requiring emissions inspections of diesel-powered motor vehicles, making the requirement permanent.MonitorDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedNatural Resources
SB 149Massage Therapy Practice AmendmentsSen. HarperExempts a brain integration practitioner from being licensed as a massage therapist.MonitorHouse/CircledBusiness Climate
SB 150Government Records and Management Act Judicial Review AmendmentsSen. WeilerClarifies that in a court's review and decision of a petition seeking judicial review of a State Records Committee final order adjudicating the merits of a determination concerning access to a record, the court may not remand the petition to the State Records Committee for any additional proceedings.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
SB 155988 Mental Health Crisis AssistanceSen. ThatcherCreates the 988 Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services Account for the purpose of supporting the impementation and operation of a 988 suicide prevention hotline. MonitorHouse RulesCommunity
SB 158Children’s Health Coverage AmendmentsSen. EscamillaCreates the Children's Coverage Outreach Pilot Program. Creates a grant program to provide targeted outreach program and a media outreach campaign to increase awareness of available resources and assist with application. Expands coverage for eligibility to children who are otherwise ineligible for federal financial participation, but meet the income requirements. SupportHouse RulesHealth Care

SB 161Mental Health Systems AmendmentsSen. WeilerRequires the base budget to include appropriations to the Department of Health for insurance plans that contract with the state's Medicaid program for behavioral health services.

Requires a health benefit plan to reimburse for behavioral telehealth services at 80% percentage of the in-person rate for the services.
Prohibits the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing from refusing to issue or taking disciplinary action against the occupational license of certain healthcare providers based solely on the provider seeking or participating in mental health or substance abuse treatment.
ConcernHouse RulesHealth Care
SB 164Utah Housing Affordability AmendmentsSen. AndereggProvides that a municipality shall not impose a fee in an amount greater than the actual estimated cost of the administration of the purpose of the fee.

Creates a process by which a municipality may grant real property that will be used for affordable housing.

Creates the Affordable Housing Pilot Program.

Expands the use of the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund for pre development grants.
PrioritySenate CommitteeHousing

SB 167Utah Film Economic IncentivesSen. WintertonIncreases the maximum tax credit available from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for motion picture production from $6,793,700 to $15,000,000.SupportHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 177Pharmacy Practice RevisionsSen. VickersRequires health plans to prorate the insulin copay cap based on days dispensed for prescriptions under 30-days, and prohibit additional copayment for prescriptions between 31-50 days which would allow for possible gaming of prescription benefits..

Changes the definition of a “pharmacy benefit management service” to include all plans regardless of if they are regulated under state law.

Limits the ability for a PBM to conduct a pharmacy audit, which plays an important role in identifying fraud, waste, abuse and overpayments by individuals and businesses for their prescription drug benefits.
ConcernHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate

Health Care
SB 181Department of Government OperationsSen. MillnerCombines the Department of Administrative Services, the Department of Technology Services, and the Department of Human Resource Management into one, new department, the Department of Government Operations. MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 183Raffle AmendmentsSen. McCayAmends the definition of Lottery to exclude a scheme where an entity gives away a prize by the act of drawing a name if no purchase or consideration is required to qualify for the prize.MonitorSenate CommitteeCommunity
SB 185Capitol Meeting Room DefinitionsSen. AdamsNames the committee room 210 in the Senate Building, the "Allyson W. Gamble Committee Room."SupportDraft of Enrolled Bill PreparedCommunity
SB 186Anti-Boycott Israel AmendmentsSen. StevensonProhibits a government entity from contracting with a company that boycotts the State of Israel.MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 188Procurement Code RevisionsSen. OwensProvides that a procurement intended for the establishment of a state liquor store may be made without engaging in a standard procurement process and defines "contract price" in the context of a provision allowing a contractor to increase or lower the price under the terms of the contract.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
SB 190Interstate Compact for Economic DevelopmentSen. McCayCreates the Interstate Compact for Mutually Beneficial Economic Development. Member states agree not to offer a targeted subsidy or any company currently located in or considering location in the members state. The Compact takes effect only when all 50 states have joined. MonitorSenate Committee - HeldBusiness Climate
SB 192Medical Cannabis Act AmendmentsSen. VickersCreates the Cannabis Production Establishment Licensing Advisory Board and amends rules surrounding licensing.MonitorHouse RulesBusiness Climate
SB 193Higher Education Performance FundingSen. MillnerRequires the Utah Board of Higher Education to set five-year goals for the state system of higher education and for each degree-granting institution and technical college that align with each system five-year goal ties performance funding to compliance with those goals. MonitorHouse CommitteeEducation
SB 194Utah Main Street ProgramSen. OwensCreates the Utah Main Street Program within GOED and creates the Utah Main Street Program Advisory Committee to work as part of the National Main Street Center. SupportHouse RulesBusiness Climate
SB 195Emergency Response AmendmentsSen. VickersPuts 30 day limits on emergencies and makes other changes to emergencies declared by the Governor, the Utah Health Department, and local health departments. MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate

SB 199Water AmendmentsSen. McKellDirects the Legislative Water Development Commission to support the creation of a unified, statewide water strategy.

Provides a secondary water supplier, including a small secondary water retail supplier, may not raise the rates charged for secondary water by more than 10% in a calendar year unless, before raising the rates on the end user, the entity charging the end user includes a statement in the notice that payment is due that explains the basis for why the needs of the secondary water supplier required an increase in rates.
SupportHouse RulesNatural Resources
SB 200Consumer Privacy ActSen. CullimoreProvides consumers the right to access, correct, and delete certain personal data gives consumers the right to opt out of the collection and use of personal data for certain purposes.

Requires businesses that receive more than 50% of their income from selling personal data and have more than 25,000 customers or have more than 100,000 customers and control and process personal data of consumers to safeguard personal data, provide clear information to consumers regarding how the consumer's personal data are used, accept consumer requests to exercise the consumer's rights, comply with a consumer's request to exercise the consumer's rights under this bill, and maintain data protection assessments.
MonitorSenate/CircledBusiness Climate
SB 201Public Notice AmendmentsSen. MayneShifts requirements for public notice publication from newspapers to the Open Public Meetings Website.MonitorHouse CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 202Grant Program for Small BusinessesSen. CullimoreCreates a targeted small business grant program for business entities with continued revenue declines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.PriorityHouse RulesBusiness Climate
SB 204Permitting AmendmentsSen. CullimoreRequires a state agency or local government that requires a permit to include in the permit application the agency or government entity uses to determine whether to grant the permit to an applicant and the time frame in which the decision will be made. SupportHouse RulesBusiness Climate
SB 205Election Process AmendmentsSen. McCayAmends the SB 54 compromise by removing the requirement for a signature path the the ballot for and creates four types of political parties. OpposeSenate/CircledBusiness Climate

SB 206Tax Rate AmendmentsSen. FillmoreDecreases the corporate and individual income tax rate from 4.95% to 4.75%.SupportSenate/CircledBusiness Climate
SB 207Consumer Protection AmendmentsSen. ReibeProvides that a person who provides emergency, disaster, or death scene clean up services to a vulnerable consumer may not charge an unconscionable price. SupportSenate/3rd ReadingBusiness Climate

SB 208Employee Medical Procedures Protection ActSen. KennedyProhibits an employer from requiring an employee, a prospective employee, or a blood relative of an employee or prospective employee to accept or decline a medical procedure including a treatment, procedure, therapy, medicine, drug, immunization, or other action intended to affect or alter the physical or mental health of the individual. OpposeSenate/3rd ReadingBusiness Climate
SB 209Gig Workers AmendmentsSen. McCayDefines an "On-demand labor service" as work performed as a discrete task; and performed sporadically; or that is of limited or finite duration and the agreement between the parties meets the conditions of the bill. MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
SB 210Paid Leave ModificationsSen. WeilerRequires the state to provide paid parental leave of up to 120 hours for a qualified employee. MonitorSenate/3rd ReadingBusiness Climate

Labor and Employment
SB 214Official Language AmendmentsSen. CullimoreRemoves prohibitions regarding translating government information.PrioritySenate/3rd ReadingBusiness Climate

Equality and Inclusion in Opportunity

SB 217Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone ActSen. HarperCreates a new development tool called Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zones (HTRZ), which is designed to facilitate mixed-use, multi-family and affordable housing development within a 1/3-mile radius of FrontRunner stations.

The development proposal would be required to (i) be mixed-use, (ii) be at least 50 units to the acre, and (iii) have at least 10% affordable housing. The city proposal would also identify costs and revenues needed and would be subject to an independent financial assessment.
PriorityHouse RulesHousing
SB 227Genetic Information Privacy ActSen. BrambleRequires a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company to
provide a consumer clear information regarding the company's collection, use, and disclosure of genetic data.

Requires a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company to obtain a consumer's consent for certain collection, use, or disclosure of the consumer's genetic data.
MonitorSenate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
SB 228Electronic Free Speech AmendmentsSen. McKellRequires a social media corporation to clearly communicate to account holders the social media corporation's moderation practices and requires the company to provide all account holders with a list of potential moderation practices. Senate/3rd ReadingBusiness Climate
SB 232Statewide Credentials and Certification AmendmentsSen. OwensCreates the Statewide Credentials and Certification Program at Snow College which consists of an online platform and a grant program designed to link students, job seekers, employers, and education agencies to education and employment opportunities. MonitorSenate CommitteeEducation
SB 235County Tax AmendmentsSen. KennedyAllows all counties to expend transient room tax revenue for purposes related to tourism mitigation, including criminal justice activities and equipment allows counties to expend tourism, recreation, cultural, convention, and airport facilities tax revenue for purposes related to tourism mitigation.Senate RulesBusiness Climate
SB 236Occupational Freedom ActSen. WeilerRequires the Office of the Legislative Auditor General to coordinate and assist the occupational and Professional Licensure Review Committee in reviewing state licensed lawful professions. Requires several departments to charge a 50 cent surcharge fee license for a renewal of a license, or reinstatement of a license. MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 239Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit ActSen. BrambleProvides a state nonrefundable tax credit for investments by small business funds in eligible businesses. Authorizes the state to approve tax credits on up to $30,000,000 invested in eligible businesses in the state.Senate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
SB 235County Tax AmendmentsSen. KennedyAllows all counties to expend transient room tax revenue for purposes related to tourism mitigation, including criminal justice activities and equipment allows counties to expend tourism, recreation, cultural, convention, and airport facilities tax revenue for purposes related to tourism mitigation.Senate RulesBusiness Climate

SB 236Occupational Freedom ActSen. WeilerRequires the Office of the Legislative Auditor General to coordinate and assist the occupational and Professional Licensure Review Committee in reviewing state licensed lawful professions. Requires several departments to charge a 50 cent surcharge fee license for a renewal of a license, or reinstatement of a license. MonitorSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 239Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit ActSen. BrambleProvides a state nonrefundable tax credit for investments by small business funds in eligible businesses. Authorizes the state to approve tax credits on up to $30,000,000 invested in eligible businesses in the state.Senate/2nd ReadingBusiness Climate
SB 241Sales Tax Distribution AmendmentsSen. McCayProvides that beginning with the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2026, and ending with the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2056 the distribution of local sales and use tax revenue shall be equal to 1/30 of 50%, and the percentage will be decreased each fiscal year by the percentage equal to 1/30 of 50%.ConcernSenate CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 245Net Metering AmendmentsSen. CullimoreDirects the Public Service Commission to consider public health, air quality, voluntary and mandatory state and local renewable energy targets, local economic development, local health, job availability; and grid resilience when determining the benefits of the net metering program.

Creates a qualifying net metering program available to existing and new solar customers.
MonitorSenate RulesNatural Resources
SB 247Property Tax Appeals Process AmendmentsSen. MillnerRequires the county assessor and a taxpayer to disclose evidence before the public hearing in an appeal to a county board of equalization.

Allows a county assessor to provide a written response to any previously undisclosed evidence the taxpayer presents at a public hearing.
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S.C.R. 1Concurrent Resolution on Holocaust EducationSen. VickersEncourages the State Board of Eduation and local education agencies to provide Holocaust and genocide education, explains the importance of Holocaust and genocide education and describes components of Holocaust and genocide education.SupportGovernor SignedEquality and Inclusion in Opportunity