For the past 20 years, Utah has consistently ranked as one of the nation’s most diverse and highest-performing economies. The state’s strong business climate provides a foundation for future success, thanks in part to the business-cognizant policies implemented by the Governor, state legislature, and visionary business and community leaders.

Capital city by name, statewide by mission, the Salt Lake Chamber represents businesses large and small — from Logan to St. George — and its members understand that for Utah and its economy to prosper, constructive policies must consider the interests of, and impact on, employers and employees, as well as their families and communities.

Utah holds the record for the most years in first place on Forbes Magazine’s list of “Best State for Business,” and it is the only state to have “podium finishes” every year since 2007.

“Best State for Business” Rankings Per Year

“The secret to Utah’s success is disarmingly simple: The state’s politicians tend to do everything right to encourage business development and job creation.”

The Wall Street Journal, Why Utah Has Become America’s Economic Star, December 6, 2019

Member Survey Results on Sales Tax on Professional Services

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