Not only does Utah have one of the fastest-growing economies in the nation, it is also one of the fastest-growing states. We cannot ignore the connection between population growth and economic prosperity.

In the past 20 years, Utah has added more than 1,000,000 new residents, among them 500,000 new employees. Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute projections show this growth trend continuing, with almost 4,500,000 people expected to call Utah home in 2040.

The growing economy has been a changing economy as industries like health care, retail, and education have surpassed manufacturing as major employers for Utahns.


Business leaders consistently identify the need for an increasingly diverse, skilled workforce to meet demands. Workforce development partnerships between employers and our education system help to address the challenges that accompany an evolving economy. The Salt Lake Chamber supports a balanced and fair legal immigration system that embraces our role as a free society that benefits from a diverse set of backgrounds and ideas.

Employers must also demonstrate a responsive and proactive approach to the needs of their employees in the areas of diversity and inclusion, mental health, child care, and the gender wage gap — offering sustainable solutions to the common barriers that cause employees to feel dissatisfaction, switch jobs, or leave the workforce entirely.

Legislative Priorities