Utah’s diversity landscape is growing with a panorama of people joining our communities and adding to the economic success we experience. Our minority communities contribute significantly to Utah’s culture, heritage, entrepreneurship, service and leadership. The Salt Lake Chamber seeks to embody the principles laid out in the Utah Compact on Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. This roadmap enshrines bedrock concepts to move our community closer to a more equal shot at economic opportunity.

The Chamber’s goal is to make diversity and inclusion both meaningful and impactful. These foundational pillars of the new economic reality must shape and guide our commitment to strengthening each one throughout the business community. The Kem C. Gardner Institute found that race, ethnicity and sex indicators for our state show major differences in education, health, housing and overall economic outcomes.

Factoring in population growth with inmigration, Utah is on a path of continual demographic change with economic growth happening for all communities acknowledging that not all communities have equal economic opportunities. The Chamber is committed to understanding and addressing disparities in economic opportunity because it is the right thing to do, and it is necessary for our ability to grow together. Constructive conversations that lead to action will continue to make Utah more welcoming and attractive to the best talent.

Utah Compact on Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Acknowledgment and action — We acknowledge that racism exists, and our actions make a difference. We call out racism wherever we see it and take purposeful steps to stop it.
  • Investment — We invest our time and resources to create greater opportunities for people of color. Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities requires significant effort and investment.
  • Public policies and listening — We advance solutions to racial inequality by listening and creating policies that provide equal opportunity and access to education, employment, housing and healthcare.
  • Engagement — We engage to affect change. Broader engagement, equitable representation, and deeper connection across social, cultural, and racial lines will uphold the principle — “nothing about us, without us.”
  • Movement, not a moment — Utahns unite behind a common goal to create equal opportunity. We affirm our commitment will not just be a passing moment, but a legacy movement of social, racial and economic justice.

Legislative Priorities 

  1. We support and advocate for policies and programs that increase supplier diversity and specifically assist women and multicultural communities.
  2. We support policies that promote and inspire entrepreneurs and bolster the growth of minority-owned businesses.
  3. We believe transportation is critical to workforce success and upward mobility, and we support the availability and expansion of multilingual drivers license testing throughout Utah.
  4. We advocate for fair chance hiring and expanding talent pipeline management and workforce training programs to under-served communities. We champion policies that support the authorization of higher education institutions to accept foreign degrees and credentials to facilitate a strong and diverse talent pipeline.
  5. We support policies that will continue to close the gender wage gap in Utah.