The coronavirus pandemic emphasized the importance of the development of new medical innovations and tested our capacity and resolve to maintain a quality healthcare system for everyone. In no other area has the needs and economics changed more than in the healthcare space. Access to innovative medicines and medical technologies and maintaining affordable quality of care through small and large employers is foundational to a strong and healthy business community.

Empowering free market access and advancing innovations that save lives ensure a better quality of life and help in reducing healthcare costs. Pandemic-induced supply chain shortages are starting to impact treatments and the availability of key products, causing the cost of healthcare to continue to rise.

A key priority will be to look at private sector solutions to our healthcare challenges so we can bend the healthcare cost curve and promote a value-based approach that expands access and improves the quality of care for all Utahns.

Championing employer-led mental health access to smart tools like apps, web resources and other tools can reduce the associated stigma around mental wellness. This is an abiding goal.

Increased access to healthcare professional training programs for the next generation of diverse professionals is another key point of Chamber focus.

Legislative Priorities 

  1. We support programs and policies that lead to more value-based and quality-focused care. We advocate for free-market healthcare options that provide cost-effective options for businesses and individuals.
  2. We support policies that drive growth and sustainability in medical innovation, including medical technologies, biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics.
  3. We champion policies that advance health equity and eliminate disparities in services. We support adequate funding for Medicaid and adequate payment to providers for Medicaid and other government-funded programs that provide quality and much-needed healthcare to many of our citizens.
  4. We support the rights of individual employers to determine the appropriate policies that allow them to maintain a safe workplace, including the choice to require masks and/or vaccinations.