A new focus on technology and cybersecurity policy will be foundational to our continued growth and modernization of business operations, critical infrastructure and connected communities. The rise of a data-driven approach to economic growth needs to be led by innovation in policy responses to ensure it matches technology’s capability. The increase in cyber attacks on public and private institutions remains a serious threat to all aspects of our society.

The encouragement of public-private partners working together is key to making sure we are aligned against these emerging threats. Laws that target identity theft, cyber intrusions, business intellectual property and ransomware attacks should carry heavy consequences. When most Utahns are not aware of the myriad ways in which cybercriminals can strike, our legal system must be robust in its prosecution of these crimes. We applaud the recent announcement from Governor Spencer J. Cox to form a Cybersecurity Task Force to protect Utah’s infrastructure. Business leaders must also show this type of visionary leadership in the private sector.

Legislative Priorities 

  1. We support the advancement and connection of broadband to promote the work from home model.
  2. We oppose regulatory barriers to 5G and other communications infrastructure. We support the advancement and development of 5G that aligns with security measures and innovation.
  3. We encourage the development of policies that promote transportation technologies.
  4. We support sound cybersecurity policies that promote commerce and trade yet protect critical infrastructure.