A broad coalition of community leaders is urging Governor Cox and the State Legislature to approve the $46 million recommended in the Governor’s budget to invest in high priority, regionally important “active transportation” (i.e., biking and walking) projects throughout the state. Wasatch Front Regional Council’s goal is to complete a core backbone of safe, family-friendly active transportation facilities for all Utahns.
Our state is already a world-class place for recreational biking and is now poised to make the leap to be a world-class place for biking as a means of transportation and commuting. Biking and walking are universally recognized for their myriad personal and community benefits:
  • Better air quality
  • Decreased traffic congestion
  • Increased physical activity
  • Decreased healthcare costs
  • Improved access to social, educational, and job opportunities
  • Expanded recreational opportunities closer to home
Investing now in high priority active transportation projects will extend these benefits to more Utah residents.
Please take two minutes and click HERE to read the full letter and add your name in support of this effort. Thank you!