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Interested in Hosting a Business Afters Hours Event?

The Salt Lake Chamber Business After Hours (BAH) is a networking event designed to bring business professionals together to meet and build relationships in an “after hours” business environment, along with spotlighting a Chamber member.

If you are interested in hosting a BAH, please review the information below and contact Lisa Ostrander:

Elements for a Successful BAH

– Reception area space should be large enough to comfortable accommodate 200 guests

– High boys/cabaret tables fully draped to foster a networking environment

– Drawing gifts provided by the host

– Audio/Visual capabilities:  The Chamber would like to thank and recognize the host and allow 5-7 minutes for the host to welcome guests, introduce the company and draw for raffle prizes

Food & Beverages:

– Host will provide bite size appetizer/finger foods should be available for approximately 100 guests. Licensed food & beverage handlers should be used in preparation and service.  Food can be presented buffet style, stations or served.

– At events where alcohol is served, the Chamber will distribute 2 drink tickets on your behalf as the host of this event. If you are not serving alcohol, you must receive permission from the Salt Lake Chamber before signing the agreement.

– The Chamber can provide a list of potential caterers and servers if suggestions are needed.


$400 fee that will cover the cost of postcards used for marketing the event. The postcards will be mailed out to all Chamber members, 1700+.

– Hosts have spent anywhere from $3000 and upwards of $5000 for their events. The approximate cost to host a BAH is at the discretion of each host.

– Consider co-hosting a BAH event with businesses that you work with. This will share costs and also show interest in community partnerships and interactions with other businesses.


– As a host you will receive a dedicated event webpage with information about your
event & company.

– Over 1700 postcards promoting the event will be mailed out to Chamber Members.

– Showcase this event in the form of an open house and invite your clients and other VIP guests.