New Division Headed by Two Industry Veterans


Salt Lake City, UT (May 23, 2022) – Big-D Construction’s Salt Lake office officially added a Multi-family division within its region.

Over the years, Big-D has built quite the resume for multi-family, but recently recognized the need for expansion with a group solely focused within the specific market. The new division – headed by Project Directors Richard Sones and Alma Marcum, is made up of about 30 people including Big-D Salt Lake’s existing pre-construction team.

 “As our multifamily experience kept evolving and we saw the untapped potential, I looked inside and we had two veterans of the industry who had come to us from different places doing different things here at Big-D, and yet their passion and experience were multi-family,” said Big-D Salt Lake group President Richard Hazel.

Sones, a former developer with a construction background, built large multi-family projects where he managed the construction and design and worked with multiple cities for entitlement and permitting.

In Utah, we’ve seen a huge influx of business and people over the last 5 to 10 years and it continues to grow at a rapid pace and because of that, there’s an expanded need for more housing especially multi-family. It’s very exciting to be a part of that growth and contribute to the development of housing,” said Sones.

Marcum, also bringing a depth of knowledge and experience to the table, has been instrumental in helping Big-D construction and preconstruction teams develop the skills and understanding required to successfully build in the multi-family world.

 “It can be a challenge building multi-family projects, but when you develop teams who have built several multi-family housings with thousands of units and focus on this product exclusively, it is much easier.  Our customers tell us we are more sophisticated than some of the lower-tiered contractors, allowing us to consistently deliver quality product on time and within the budget,” said Marcum.



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