In an effort to proactively plan for a prosperous future, the Salt Lake Chamber has engaged its membership in creating Utah’s next Economic Blueprint. The process was kicked off in January at the 2017 Economic Review and Public Policy Summit.

This has led to a series of milestones as we build on the existing vision and work collaboratively with the community, while keeping a business focus. This includes the Chamber Executive Board discussing major trends shaping Utah’s economy at the annual Executive Board Retreat in May (Read Natalie Gochnour’s article in Utah Business for more on this discussion), which helped frame the broader effort. Our Board of Governors then utilized this context and the overall framework to have a deep dive on six areas of focus at their board retreat.

From these, several working groups (listed below) have been created and started meeting over the summer.They are beginning to coalesce on key strategic initiatives and an overall vision for Utah’s future economy.

At this point in the process, each working group has identified three areas of focus:

Global Crossroads: Amplifying global competitiveness and connectivity

Co-chairs: Reed Forrester, Delta and Derek Miller, WTC Utah

  1.     Globally Competitive Infrastructure
  2.     Globally Recognized Business Destination
  3.     Hosting the World

Transformative Choices: Making strategic capital investments

Co-chairs: Melanie Vartabedian, Ballard Spahr and Stan Vandertoolen, PWC

  1.     Transformative Collaboration
  2.     Transformative Network
  3.     Transformative Investments

Unrivaled Location: Enhancing quality of life, health and happiness

Co-chairs: Ty McCutcheon, Daybreak  and Amanda Covington, Vista Outdoor

  1.     Unrivaled Environment
  2.     Unrivaled Access and Hospitality
  3.     Unrivaled Livability

Economic Dynamism: Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship

Co-chairs: Theresa Foxley, EDCUtah and Dean Luikart, Wells Fargo

  1.     Economic Headquarters of the West
  2.     Dynamic Workforce
  3.     Fundamentals of Dynamism

Unleashing Opportunity: Boosting economic mobility and high-wage job creation

Co-chairs: Keith McMullin, Deseret Management and Spencer Eccles, Cynosure Group

  1.     Epicenter of Opportunity for Individuals
  2.     Epicenter of Opportunity for Every Community
  3.     Epicenter of Opportunity for Business

Knowledge Capital: Creating a workforce for tomorrow’s jobs

Co-chairs: Sean Slatter, LSI and Vance Checketts, Dell EMC

  1.     Creating Knowledge
  2.     Recruiting Knowledge
  3.     Attracting and Retaining Knowledge

Various action items are encompassed in each area of focus. For example, Hosting the World involves actively pursuing re-hosting the Winter Olympics, and the Unrivaled Location group has identified air quality as an issue that must be prioritized to achieve an unrivaled environment.

The next challenge for each group will be to identify performance metrics by which each of these goals can be measured; as well as to brainstorm innovative strategies for success. Our next major update on the initiative will be at the Utah Solutions Summit co-hosted with Senator Lee, where we will focus on principles of collaboration that help shape Utah’s economic blueprint.

If you are interested in learning more about the Blueprint Process please contact Sarah Clark at