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The Salt Lake Chamber is working to ensure Utah’s business climate remains among the best in the nation, while also investing in our future. We believe low taxes, effective regulations, top-notch infrastructure, a talented workforce and a well-managed and limited government creates the environment for economic success.


  • Comprehensive tax reform and fiscal flexibility – We believe that federal and state tax reform must be addressed. We will actively work with elected leaders to find the best process, approach and options for meaningful tax reform, including a complete review of all existing taxes and fees, while preserving legislative flexibility for future appropriations.
  • Repeal of the federal medical device tax – Medical device manufacturing companies play a vital role in Utah’s innovation economy. We support the repeal of the 2.3 percent medical device excise tax on gross revenue that was passed in the Affordable Care Act, as it impedes American innovation that creates jobs and saves lives.
  • Downtown development – We encourage policies and investments that support downtown Salt Lake City’s role as a vibrant and diverse regional urban center. This includes supporting the most efficient process, ordinances and business regulations that encourage economic development.
  • Statewide non-discrimination ordinance – We support the standardized statewide non-discrimination legislation passed in 2015, which protects against employment and housing discrimination while guaranteeing protections for religious liberty. Utah is now a more welcoming place for all employees.
  • First Amendment rights – We support policy efforts to ensure individuals, businesses and organizations are not restricted in exercising their First Amendment rights.

To view the 2016 Utah Business Friendly Cities Starter Kit: Click Here.

To view the principles regarding Collection of Remote Sales and Use Task, please see the pdf here.

To see other specific principles, positions or priorities for Business Climate, Taxes and Regulation, please see the 2016 Public Policy Guide.

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Complacency and good intentions could easily erode Utah’s premier business climate. Let’s make business simpler and foster our free enterprise economy.
Chris Gamvroulas, President, Ivory Development, Public Policy Chair, Salt Lake Chamber