Dear Business Community,

The last week of the Utah Legislative Session is always one where some of the most important work is done — 2021 will be no different.
Several bills intended to assist small businesses continue to deal with the economic strains of the pandemic are working their way through the process with the support of the Salt Lake Chamber. These bills are intended to provide assistance directed to those businesses especially impacted by the restrictions of the past year.
S.B. 202, Grant Program for Small Businesses, sponsored by Senator Kirk Cullimore, creates a targeted small business grant program for business entities with continued revenue declines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Additionally, Representative Suzanne Harrison plans to introduce a bill that will create a grant  program of up to $5,000 for those small businesses that had a revenue loss of 25% during the last year, received a PPP loan of less than $150,000 or less.
The Chamber is also supporting several bills that will facilitate, in strategic ways, the infrastructure and housing needs of the state.
H.B. 433, Amendments Related to Infrastructure Funding, sponsored by Representative Mike Shultz, authorizes $1,400,000,000 in bonds to fund transportation projects including the double-tracking of strategic sections of the FrontRunner commuter rail system, bus rapid transit in the Salt Lake mid-valley area, an environmental study at the point of the mountain area; and a Utah Transit Authority and Sharp-Tintic railroad consolidation project.
S.B. 217, Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Act, sponsored by Senator Wayne Harper, creates a new development tool called Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zones (HTRZ), which is designed to facilitate mixed-use, multi-family and affordable housing development within a 1/3-mile radius of FrontRunner stations.
Finally, of concern is S.B. 208, Employee Medical Procedures Protection Act, prohibits an employer from requiring any kind of vaccination of an employee, a prospective employee, or a blood relative of an employee or prospective employee to. While we know that few employers plan to require vaccinations of their employees, we know it is important to maintain the ability to do so for those companies that have legitimate concerns and reasons to do so.
We appreciate the work of the Utah Legislature during this incredibly challenging year. Again, as things move quickly during the last week, we will keep you updated on any important developments.
Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.
Salt Lake Camber Policy Team

Priority Votes

During the legislative session, the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Directors designates top priorities of the business community as Priority Votes. The Chamber’s Priority Votes are considered the most critical bills during the legislative session and are used to determine the Chamber’s Business Champion Awards. Below are the most recently declared priority votes.

  • H.B. 36, Telehealth Mental Health Program, Sponsor: Rep. Ward
  • H.B. 80, Data Security Amendments, Sponsor: Rep. Brooks
  • H.B. 82, Single-Family Housing Modifications, Sponsor: Rep. Ward
  • H.B. 161, Military Retirement Tax Amendments, Sponsor: Rep. Pierucci
  • H.B. 328, Adult Learners Grant Program, Sponsor: Rep. Snow
  • H.B. 347, Homeless Services Amendments, Sponsor: Rep. Eliason
  • H.B. 433, Amendments Related to Infrastructure Funding, Sponsor: Rep. Schultz
  • S.B. 18, Property Tax Exemption Amendments, Sponsor: Sen. Harper
  • S.B. 25, Corporate Tax Amendments, Sponsor: Sen. Bramble
  • S.B. 41, Mental Health Access Amendments, Sponsor: Sen. Escamilla
  • S.B. 164, Utah Housing Affordability Amendments, Sponsor: Sen. Anderegg
  • S.B. 202, Grant Program for Small Businesses, Sponsor: Sen. Cullimore
  • S.B. 214, Official Language Amendments, Sponsor: Sen. Cullimore
  • S.B. 217, Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Act, Sponsor: Sen. Harper

2021 Legislative Watchlist

Each week, the Chamber’s policy team tracks relevant bills by subject so you can stay up to date on legislation that impacts you and your business. We encourage you to visit our online legislative watchlist and use the far right column to find bills relevant to your topic of interest and view bill status and description.


2021 Legislative Priorities

The 2021 Legislative Priorities guide serves as the Salt Lake Chamber’s agenda for the 2021 Legislative Session. Read more about our policy priorities and see where you can get involved.

Chamber Policy Team

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Director of Community Policy

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