Originally published by Rick Aaron for Good4Utah on March 30, 2017.

Recently,the SLC Business Survey results were released. Peter Makowski, the Economic Development Manager with SLC Corp. joined Good Morning Utah to talk about what is next.

SLCDED partnered with EDCUtah, Downtown Alliance, and Salt Lake Chamber to survey every commercial business within the City’s boundaries. The survey was open for almost a month, and closed March 17th.

“We wanted to know if these businesses were thinking of expanding or not, what the barriers were that they saw to expansion, and whether they would expand in SLC and why/why not,” explained Makowski.

This the consistent, high-level info seen from the respondents:


  • Cost/space availability
  • homeless issue
  • traffic
  • air quality
  • market saturation within SLC
  • clients residing outside SLC
  • business regulations/restrictions
  • parking
  • political climate (though nearly all the “political climate” comments had to do with Utah state rather than SLC).


  • Population
  • location/downtown
  • economy

For most, the best benefit was location, location, location. Whether it was proximity to customers, ease of access with transportation, close to home, hub of business, the vast majority of responses were about location. Quality of life, arts, and entertainment seen as top employee amenities.

Overall, the majority of respondents expect to see growth and increased revenue in the next 12 months.

Now the team who conducted the survey are in the process of setting up site visits and in-depth interviews with companies.  This will give companies and opportunity to get deeper with some of the information they provided in the survey. This second phase of the research, and will provide the qualitative data to go along with the quantitative data from the online survey.

Learn more online at www.slcgov.com.

Originally published by Rick Aaron for Good4Utah on March 30, 2017.