The Salt Lake Chamber’s March Capitol Club featured insights from freshman legislators Representative Adam Gardiner and Senator Dan Hemmert. Fresh off of their first session, the two shared some of what they learned over those 45 days; in addition to providing Capitol Club members an exclusive opportunity to learn about the path to office and how they manage professional obligations, while performing their duties as a public servant.  

Representative Gardiner and Senator Hemmert both agreed that coming into their first legislative session, there was much to learn about the process, but applauded Utah’s system as one that provided opportunities to learn quickly so they could best serve their constituents.

Both legislators saw great success in their first session, especially when it came to staying true to the goals and key issues they focused on during their respective campaigns. Senator Hemmert was most proud of keeping his pledge to be well informed on the bills at hand, this included reading each bill he voted on in the Senate Rules Committee. Representative Gardiner focused on constituent outreach and communication by finding new ways to learn about issues most important to those he represents.  

Both legislators answered questions on the most effective way to engage them on an issue and while their preferred mode of communication differed, both concurred that messages from their constituents come as first priority, followed by information from local advocates. Representative Gardiner and Senator Hemmert championed a number of bills affecting Utah’s businesses including HB272 Regulatory Impact Amendments which will require extensive analysis on bills proposed that have the potential to inflict regulatory costs on small businesses.

The two were also joined by Jennings Imel, executive director of the U.S Chamber’s Western Regional Office, who shared an update on federal issues. Imel discussed the U.S. Chamber’s positions on issues being heard by Congress, specifically the American Health Care Act and gave some perspective on the next big national policy topics at hand, including transportation and infrastructure, tax reform and immigration.

Capitol Club will meet next on Wednesday, April 26th from 8:00-9:00 AM to discuss Downtown Salt Lake City: The Best of Times.

The Salt Lake Chamber Capitol Club is composed of business leaders with a keen interest in policy issues affecting our community. These meetings are organized by the Capitol Club Steering Committee with the goal of engaging with policy and business leaders regarding the pressing policy concerns. Capitol Club meets the fourth Wednesday of every month from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.