11 04, 2017

New Era of Leadership

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A purposeful and engaged business community has made our state what it is today. The Chamber has been the hallmark of good common sense public policy. “The Chamber is a place of action because of the influence our business leaders have and lend to common issues,” said Beattie. “In recent years, the Chamber has endeavored [...]

11 04, 2017

Fighting for Businesses Core Interests

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Over the years, the Chamber has worked to ensure Utah remains a competitive business environment. These efforts include leading out on regulation reform, pushing for tax reform, and supporting efforts to keep Utah a premier destination for economic development and innovation. “We started creating an environment where businesses wanted to come, learn and play right [...]

10 04, 2017

Broadening Political Horizons

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In 2014, a group of business leaders became extremely concerned about declining civic engagement. The group started a citizen’s initiative, Count My Vote, calling for a referendum on a direct primary election in exchange for getting an alternative path to the ballot. "A handful of people — just a handful of people — routinely choose [...]

9 04, 2017

Championing Utah’s Air Quality

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Championing community prosperity has always been a central focus of the Chamber. This charge has led the Chamber to engage on initiatives that some would think are not core business issues. While many help make Utah a better place to not only work but also live, the Chamber has played an outsize role in elevating [...]

8 04, 2017

A Principled Stand on Immigration

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As immigration dominated the national debate and led some states (including Arizona) to enact strict anti-immigrant laws, Utah's Legislature, citizens, and business community were divided. It was a problem looking for a unifying voice. The Chamber provided one. "We looked at what was actually taking place in immigration. We really felt that there’s a Utah [...]

7 04, 2017

Moving the Needle on Education

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The business community, as the ultimate consumer of Utah's workforce, saw an opportunity to become more engaged in advancing educational excellence and helping solve a challenge that was central to the state's future. In 2009, Utah business leaders got a sobering report on Utah education from a trusted educational advisor. They learned about the lack [...]

6 04, 2017

A Recovery to the Best Economy in the Nation

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A true testament to the Chamber's leadership came as the state and nation faced one of the greatest economic downturns in generations. The business community rallied, and Utah managed to handle the effects of the "Great Recession" better than most states. Key to that success were the efforts of the Chamber and a proactive business community. [...]

5 04, 2017

Utah Transportation Coalition

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In August 2013, the Chamber's effort from years past began to bear fruit as the Frontlines 2015 Project — 70 miles of new rail service over a seven-year period, finished two years ahead of schedule and $300 million under budget. But again, the fastest growing state in the nation was going to outpace investment and [...]

4 04, 2017

Fighting Gridlock

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As years went by and the population grew, getting around the Wasatch Front was becoming harder and taking longer. Everyone was staring gridlock in the face and blinking. Leaders of the Chamber had their own epiphany. Scott Anderson, a past chairman of the Chamber who had urged the association to become more involved in crucial [...]

3 04, 2017

Business Champions

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With policies in place, the Chamber never endorses parties, candidates or officials, but instead supports principles and initiatives. Adhering to these principles, the Chamber has adopted a system of “priority votes” for the issues most important to the business community. “Businesses create jobs, not government. But, Utah greatly benefits from the cooperation between an engaged [...]

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