At Fidelity Investments, sustainability is in our DNA. That’s not just because we strive to be a responsible corporate citizen – we do – it’s also because we live and work here in Utah and care deeply for its environment and amazing quality of life.

Poor air quality means increased illness and health complications, environmental problems and diminished livability for all Utahns. Clear air is important to us, and it’s also especially important in keeping Utah’s economy strong – which depends on businesses wanting to locate and expand here.

That’s why our employees have participated in Utah’s Clear The Air Challenge for the past seven years – winning six of those! Our more than 1,800 employees have stopped an estimated 292 tons of carbon emissions from entering Utah’s air in that time.

Our Sustainability Committee works with volunteers and team leaders to make sure all of our associates are aware of the challenge and encourage them to participate. Those volunteers keep the competition top-of-mind each week of the event. It’s not only a fun, friendly competition between our teams – but also against other Utah businesses.

“Environmental sustainability has long been a part of Fidelity’s commitment to our community,” said Carly Seely, head of the Sustainability Committee. “From our in-house recycling programs to our efforts to reduce printing in the last year, to our LEED-certified buildings – the Clear the Air Challenge was a natural way for us to continue those efforts.”

One of the best ways we encourage less car use is by offering every employee a fully-subsidized Utah Transit Authority pass as part of our benefits package. Another is by installing more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at our Gateway employee parking lot.

“Our success in the CTAC comes from our eco-friendly associates who are looking for ways to help make a positive impact,” said General Manager Mark Barlow. “The CTAC is one of those annual events we really look forward to.”

One of those employees is Corey Henderson, a principal systems engineer at Fidelity’s Gateway site. While he used to take the light rail, he found three years ago he used less electricity using an EV vehicle for his 30-mile commute, rather than driving his gasoline-powered car three miles to and from the park and ride lot.

“I also saved time, because you can use the HOV lane and exit coming into Salt Lake – that bypasses 10 stop lights. I went from 55 minutes in the train, to 25 minutes in my EV car,” said Henderson.

Other employees use all the strategies suggested by TravelWise, including more cycling and walking, carpooling, ride shares and mass transit.

Good luck to all the participants in this year’s Challenge! Really, we’re all winners for doing our part to help Utah’s pristine blue skies stay that way.

Story and pictures provided by Dennis Huspeni, Director of External Communications for Fidelity Investments.