In Utah, communities are important to us. They are where we raise our families, develop our careers, and house our citizens. That’s why it is so important to close the housing gap: so that our communities can continue to grow and thrive in a safe, affordable way.

The housing affordability crisis has threatened to endanger our beloved communities in a number of ways. As our families, neighborhoods, and businesses have increased, so has the pressure on the housing market. In turn, that has led to skyrocketing housing prices and a shortage of affordable homes. It has been especially difficult for entry-level homebuyers young families, recent college graduates, and new workers to find places to live in our state.

Luckily, according to Andrew Gruber, Executive Director at Wasatch Front Regional Council, there is a feasible solution. 

“The idea is to allow for more multi-unit housing, such as townhomes or condos, in areas that make sense across our region for example, around transit stations or in a city town center,” Gruber said. “This approach provides a mix of affordable neighborhood housing types within a community in a way that’s responsive to market and demographic trends.”

By increasing the multi-unit housing inventory for entry-level homebuyers, we can ensure that Utah’s communities have room to grow. That growth will impact our economic well-being for years to come, continuing Utah’s tradition of prosperity.

As businesses, you can play a role. We will be sharing videos from trusted community partners that we encourage you to share widely — along with articles and blog posts with vital information on the housing crisis each Utahn now faces. Together, we will work to close the gap and ensure that we — and our children and grandchildren — can continue to access safe and affordable housing in our great state.

If you would like to share your story of how the housing crisis is affecting your business, please reach out to Ginger Chinn, Vice President of Public Policy at