Utah’s children are the next generation of leaders. They will be teachers, doctors, and politicians. However, without a place to live, they can’t work or raise families of their own here in our state. That’s why we owe it to our future generations to close the housing gap: so they can stay in Utah and carry on our tradition of prosperity.

The Housing Gap Coalition was formed as a direct response to a 2018 study that reported that for the first time in 40 years, Utah had more families looking for housing than available housing units. Now, three years later, the pandemic has escalated the crisis. More families than ever are in search of safe, affordable housing, and the housing market is struggling to keep up.

Terry Buckner, co-chair of the Housing Gap Coalition and CEO of The Buckner Company, states that addressing local land use regulation and zoning restrictions will be key in solving the housing shortage.

“Attainable and reasonable affordability affects every industry and every profession,” Buckner said. “It affects our children and our grandchildren, who we hope can afford to stay in Utah to live and work.”

Though any actions taken now will not have immediate impact, they will affect the future generations of Utahns. Just as our ancestors have led our state to its current state of greatness, we owe it to our successors to do everything in our power to maintain Utah’s success. Closing the housing gap is just the beginning.

As businesses, you can play a role. We will be sharing videos from trusted community partners that we encourage you to share widely — along with articles and blog posts with vital information on the housing crisis each Utahn now faces. Together, we will work to close the gap and ensure that we — and our children and grandchildren — can continue to access safe and affordable housing in our great state.

*If you would like to share your story of how the housing crisis is affecting your business, please reach out to Ginger Chinn, Vice President of Public Policy at gchinn@slchamber.com.