Part of connecting your business with education means understanding the many resources and options available for you to get involved in workforce development. This week, our guest blogger Jason Skidmore shares about one of these resources—your local school district’s Career and Technical Education Specialist. Advisory boards, hands-on classroom training and developing career pathways are just some of the ways you can partner with CTE in the schools to ensure what students are learning inside the classroom, is what will help them be successful in their career. If your business wants to engage in educational partnerships but isn’t sure how, reaching out to a Career and Technical Education specialist is a great first step to learn about opportunities for collaboration.

On February 23, 1917 Congress signed into law the Smith Hughes National Vocational Education Act. This Act funded vocational education for high school students and was the precursor of what we know as Career and Technical Education today. In the early years, boys received training in agriculture and the trades of the industrial revolution while girls were trained in domestic arts (home economics) and business education.

One-hundred years later, CTE continues to make a positive impact in the lives of students. What began as training for jobs in the industrialized workplace has evolved to match the needs of the labor market in the 21st century workplace. Today CTE programs prepare students for both college and career; support all sectors of the economy; combine academic and technical skills; encourage hands on learning with real world experiences and provides opportunities for students to explore their interests.

Career and Technical Education programs in high schools across the State of Utah truly prepare students for their future; however this work cannot be accomplished by educators alone. Now more than ever the success of CTE programs relies on a community of stakeholders coming together to ensure that students are equipped to be successful in which ever path they choose.

The Wasatch Front South Consortium is a K-12/Higher Education partnership that develops, supports, and builds Career and Technical Education (CTE) and STEM opportunities for students in the Salt Lake metropolitan area.

We work to meet the needs of students and industry by:

  • Providing and developing relevant CTE programs based on high wage/high demand jobs in Utah.
  • Articulating high school courses, including Concurrent Enrollment, with colleges and universities.
  • Supporting and advancing student Career Pathways and STEM initiatives.
  • Promoting and sustaining strong business partners through Advisory Boards and SLCC Program Advisory Committees.
  • Plan and sponsor student career fairs with industry partners in critical need areas

Consortium Schools:

  • 6 School Districts
  • 175 Elementary Schools
  • 44 Middle Schools
  • 32 High Schools
  • 18 Alternative/Special
  • Over 200,000 Students
  • 33% of Utah’s Public K-12 Education

Salt Lake Community College:

  • 10 Campuses
  • 60,000+ Students
  • 1:20 Faculty-to-Student Ratio
  • 120 Areas of Study

We are here to support your efforts, with accurate data and supportive information to meet the needs of students. We are the Career and Technical professional experts.

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Murray School District

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Canyons School District

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Salt Lake Community College

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Tooele County School District

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