There is no foolproof, guaranteed security solution. Thus, detecting when a system’s compromised is critical for both large and small organizations. Timely notification and detection of a comprised system or device is key, and one of many ways this can be accomplished is through intrusion detection systems (IDS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced Machine Learning tools, Threat Intelligence and much more. But many of these methods can be challenging to configure and setup properly without the right skillset and in some cases costly which is why they should be coupled with additional resources including Intrusion Prevention Services, Advanced Threat Protection, etc. to mitigate the need and/or limit the use of several different IDS. The detection stage is challenging and can be a costly one to deal with, which is why we are seeing a tremendous amount of growth in the Managed Security Service Provider space for SMB’s because they can off load this entire category, and in some cases all 3 areas we’ve discussed, and let a team of skilled professionals take care of them.