On Wednesday, August 30, 2017 three cyber experts from the Salt Lake Chamber’s Cybersecurity Leadership Council trained Utahns from across the state. As stated by Chamber President and CEO Lane Beattie, “One of the biggest threats to Utah’s economy often goes unmentioned: cyber attacks. No matter the size of the business or organization, cyber attacks hurt. The financial burden, the cost of business disruption, and the loss of consumer trust are deeply detrimental. That’s why as Utah’s ‘voice of business’ – the Salt Lake Chamber – is making it a priority to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity for organizations of all types and sizes.”

At the training hosted by the Utah Counties Indemnity Pool, Dean Sapp from the cybersecurity firm Braintrace showcased his depth of knowledge on cybersecurity. He also encouraged the group to get the facts, understand the threats that exist, and implement a risk management plan. No one is immune from cyber risk, but there are reasonable, low-cost solutions that are available.

Elaina Maragakis of the law firm Ray Quinney & Nebeker exposed the group to an enlightening set of questions, helping them realize their liability as it relates to cybersecurity. No organization can afford to be negligent and must implement an information security policy and a data breach response plan. Also, she noted that it is advantageous for organizations to first to consult with legal counsel when they have been victimized by a cyber attack.

The third presenter at the training was Sergeant Jeffrey Plank from the Utah Department of Public Safety. He adeptly noted that cyber crime can only be overcome through information sharing. Individuals and businesses need to report to IC3.gov to help law enforcement track and combat cyber crime. The support and cooperation of the public will aid our already capable and determined public safety officers to be more effective in their fight against cyber criminals.

This cybersecurity training was the first of many educational efforts that the Chamber plans to orchestrate. It simply isn’t an option to ignore the growing cyber threat and risk the wellbeing of our business community. Every individual, every organization can and must raise their cybersecurity awareness.

For more information, please contact Sarah Clark at sclark@slchamber.com