Dear Chamber Member:

As a member of the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force, I want to share with you new measures to prevent and protect against the coronavirus that were shared today in a press conference held by Governor Herbert and Lt. Governor Cox. Those recommendations include:

  • Restricting gatherings for the next two weeks:
    • Voluntarily limit groups to less than 100.
    • Individuals over 60 or with impaired health should avoid gatherings larger than 20 people.
    • This includes gatherings at church and religious services, concerts, conferences, and other events but does not include places of commerce or employment.
  • Implementing teleworking plans as soon as and where possible.
  • Closing campuses and moving higher education delivery online for the remainder of the semester to support state prevention efforts. 
  • Cancelling out-of-state travel for K-12 students for the next two weeks.
  • Limiting communication with health professionals to telehealth resources such as online portals and over the telephone before visiting clinics and hospitals in person whenever possible.

Lt. Governor Cox reminded the community that none of the current coronavirus cases in Utah are severe, and that the social spread of the virus has not yet occurred. The objective of the recommendations provided is to mitigate and slow the spread of the virus to keep treatment manageable. 

The state expects centralized testing sites to be operational Monday, and Utah Public Health will be offering free testing services. Once testing sites are operational, the state will have capacity to test up to 1,000 individuals a day.

Legislative leaders have now appropriated $16 million to the State Health Department to address the issue, and $2 million for local health departments to create intensive response programs for seniors. Additionally, $4 million from the State Emergency Operations Fund will be utilized to help address emergency measures to prevent a crisis.

The Salt Lake Chamber is grateful to the Governor for his leadership and supports the recommendations provided, pledging its resources to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, protect Utahns and our economy against further disruption and promote best practices within the business community, and at large. As part of this effort, the Chamber has established as a clearinghouse to provide information and active measures employers and employees can take for prevention.


Salt Lake Chamber 
President and CEO
Salt Lake Chamber