Salt Lake City, January 17, 2019 – Employers Council is inviting all Utah businesses to participate in its 2019 Utah Benchmark Compensation Survey. Participating companies may then purchase the Survey results when published in June.

For over 70 years, Employers Council has provided Utah employers with compensation surveys. These surveys provide executive decision makers with wage data necessary to attract and retain qualified employees. Specifically, the 2019 Utah Benchmark Compensation Survey covers 417 benchmark jobs, including executive, management, business support, finance, HR, sales, production, maintenance, engineering and more. The survey will be published in June.

“Employers Council’s Benchmark Compensation Survey is a highly sought-after resource for employers and HR managers needing data to support key policies and decisions,” said Ryan D. Nelson, president of Employers Council’s Utah office. “We encourage companies to consider participating in and purchasing the survey to see how their practices compare with other employers in their industry and geographic region.”

Additional Employers Council Surveys include an HR Metrics Survey, Information Technology Compensation Survey, Health & Welfare Plans Survey, and a Planning Packet Survey (Pay Projections). These surveys range from compensation and pay projections to human resources metrics and paid time off, providing employers with relevant, timely information to assist in decision making.  

To participate in the 2019 Utah Benchmark Compensation Survey, visit



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