An organization is only as strong as the people it serves. Thanks to the business community, the Salt Lake Chamber has remained Utah’s “voice of business” for 130 years. This is a milestone worth celebrating! With their help, our state’s economy is thriving, our business climate is top-notch and our quality of life is unparalleled.

With the business community’s engagement in all aspects of the Chamber — from participating in events and programs, contributing to leadership discussions and acting as strong business advocates — embodies the Chamber’s mission to stand as the voice of business, support our members’ success and champion community prosperity.

We are proud of the Chamber’s reputation as a coalition-building organization. We have always been committed to bringing leaders together from the private and public sector to collaborate on tough issues, solve problems and advocate for Utah’s continued economic success.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Utah’s business community, and we are eager to take this momentum into the next 130 years. We are confident that through the strength of our members, the Chamber can tackle any challenge, creatively solve any problem, and ensure Utah remains the best state to live, work, learn, and play.

Let us continue to work together and greet the next 130 years with the same tenacity as the last.

Chamber Time Capsule

In preparation for the 130th Gala Celebration, the Salt Lake Chamber Gala Committee decided to excavate the 108 year-old time capsule. While at the time the Chamber did not know exactly where it was located. Thankfully, with help from newspaper articles of the day, local historians and Masonry Restoration the Chamber easily and successfully identified the location of the capsule.

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, after months of prep work, the time capsule was ready to be removed from the cornerstone of the Commercial Club Building. Some the Chamber executive board and staff gathered to see this momentous occasion.

Anniversary Gala

At the Chamber’s 130th Anniversary Gala guests to share their predictions for the future. Find out what some people said below:

  • “I hope there is a strong community of inclusiveness. That people will reach across barriers to strengthen our humanity. I hope that our education rises up in innovation fit for our century.”
  • “We will have realized the impact of fossil fuels on our overall global health and we will be 100% renewable energy.”
  • “I predict in the future that SLC will be fully walkable and perfectly integrated with live/walk housing. SLC will also run on wind and solar.”
  • “Technology will finally be integrated so mankind can focus on each other to solve hunger and conflict. People will be equal and understanding.”
  • “We’ll cure cancer, world hunger, poverty, and war! And if we haven’t I challenge you to make it happen and yes it is possible!”
  •  “The future is female- smash the patriarchy!”


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