General Communications, Inc. dba GENCOMM is celebrating its 65 th  Anniversary.  The company
was organized in 1957 by five individuals.  Per Haugen eventually gained control of the
company and later sold it to his son Harold.  Harold owned and managed the company for over
thirty years.  The company is supported by many dedicated people with the desire to provide
excellent service to our audio-visual customers.  Today it is owned and led by Ingolf de Jong and
a devoted management team.

The company and its people have seen numerous changes in the past six and a half decades.  In
the early years the company provided simple sound systems for Houses of Worship and other
small customers.  As technology changed and advanced, the many skilled people changed with
those advances allowing the company to be involved in various technologies.  For a short
period, the company diversified into custom home building and home security systems but its
roots and continued focus today is sophisticated audio-visual technology solutions for
commercial applications.

With changes come opportunities; a new opportunity is an adjustment in our technology team.
Clinton Mullins will be the new Director of Technology and Engineering.  Clinton graduated
from the University of Utah in Electrical Engineering.  He was previously with the company and
left for a while to work on Department of Defense projects.  We are excited to have Clinton
lead the team formerly led by Brandon Gramse who is no longer with the company and is
pursuing other opportunities.

We are grateful to the hundreds of wonderful individuals who have worked for the company
and with the company as we seek to continue our Passion for technology, and commitment
to Integrity, and Excellence in everything we do.

Thank you,
Ingolf de Jong