The Summit will bring together business leaders, government officials, and water experts to discuss best practices in corporate water stewardship and public policies to address the ever growing, global demand for water.

Hear from leading policy experts, business leaders, investors, government officials, academia and research institutions, the Salt Lake Chamber and US Chambers of Commerce and global water innovators.

The Summit will focus on improving water governance to promote industrial and economic growth, public policy and regulatory challenges, water stewardship, sustainable water principles, public-private partnerships and promoting investment in water infrastructure and technologies, and much more.

Tentative Agenda

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Adopting New Water Technology: A Call to Action

With increasing attention on the value of water and heightened awareness around the importance of efficient water management, the stakes for continued innovation and advances in water technology have never been greater.

Water Management in the Desert: Lessons Learned from Israel

Israel developed a comprehensive plan to manage water efficiently across the entire “water supply chain”.  How can US states draw lessons learned from Israel to plan for drought and build institutions, ecosystems, and public policies to manage water in adverse conditions?  

Breakout Session #1

Financing Water

Improving water access and service quality and implementing innovative water technologies requires investment.  How can we develop public-private partnerships (PPPs) and projects that encourage investment and contribute to economic growth and development?

Precision Agriculture

Agriculture accounts for nearly 90% of water use in the Western US.  With new technologies, farmers can measure, analyze, monitor, and automate processes to give crops and soil exactly what they need with the minimum amount of water required.

Breakout Session #2

Industrial Water Use

In advanced economies, nearly 45% of water demand comes from industry. Addressing this need requires greater efficiencies in industrial water use and the growing possibilities offered by water reuse.  What are best practices for industrial water users?

Watering Smart Cities

As more people migrate to urban centers over the next 20 years as expected, there will be huge pressure on public resources, including water treatment and distribution.  Entrepreneurs will showcase new technologies to source, monitor, treat, and deliver water to users in revolutionary new ways.

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Breakout Session #3

Challenges Faced by Local Utilities

Water technology is local as much as it is global. State, city, and municipality utilities from the U.S. and Israel will discuss the challenges, opportunities and lessons learned in fostering local water technology adoption.

Water Storage

How can cities extend the life of limited water resources through smart storage solutions that increase capacity, lengthen storage time, and reduce system cost?

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