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The Modern Era, 1996-2002

Changing Times: New Leaders Emerge

After Fred Ball retired as president of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce in 1995, the role of leadership fell to a succession of people before the board hired a professional chamber executive, Larry Mankin, in late 1998.

When Ball left, Deborah Bayle became acting chief officer. With the Chamber for twenty years, she had been its chief operating officer and initiated a number of new programs.

Women and the Chamber

Marcella Kirschbaum had been self-employed for four years when she and a partner decided to start their own business, the Urban Soul Body Retreat in downtown Salt Lake City. It was a “head to toe” spa and salon–meaning you could get anything from hair coloring to a pedicure. Looking back now after four years, she sighs. “Honestly, I was very naïve.”

Lending a Hand to Disadvantaged Schools

When Dan England of C.R. England Inc. walked into the Horizonte School to tell students about careers in the trucking industry, he probably didn’t know a lot about cone organizations in the school district, or Urban Rural Opportunities Grants. But he and hundreds of other businessmen knew they wanted to help.

Snaring the Olympics

It was to be a special international event to draw the world’s attention during the U.S. Bicentennial. The United States Olympic Committee promoted Denver to host the 1976 Winter Olympics. The International Olympic Committee liked the idea and gave the Rocky Mountain city the bid.

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