A little over eleven years ago, the dōTERRA founders came together with a common vision of sharing the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. They knew that this dream would only be possible through sustainable and knowledgeable sourcing practices to ensure purity and potency. Rather than tapping into an essential oil supply chain that was rife with corruption, dōTERRA created a unique sourcing model known as Cō-Impact Sourcing that would enable the company to provide life-enhancing natural products for millions of customers around the world while positively impacting global communities.

Through Cō-Impact Sourcing, dōTERRA partners with skilled farmers and harvesters — many of whom have nurtured essential oil plants for generations — from over 40 countries. Often, these experienced essential oil farmers, harvesters, and distillers have a history of being paid unfairly or taken advantage of, limiting their ability to escape poverty. This places dōTERRA in a unique position to build and support ethical supply chains that benefit rural communities in need. Through this sourcing model, ninety-six percent of dōTERRA single oils and essential oil blends are exclusive, ensuring that the product is uniquely of the highest quality, ethical, sustainable, and pure.

Before she was introduced to Cō-Impact Sourcing, Veronica was a single mother trying to care for five children after the death of her husband. Forced to leave their home, Veronica began making and selling ropes in order to feed and shelter her children. When that failed, she was forced into a profession that robbed her of her dignity. Devastated by the turn of events, Veronica was sitting along the road one day when she was approached by a representative from the dōTERRA sourcing team who asked if she would like to harvest pink pepper for the company. He gave her an advance to buy food for her family and pay for her children to attend school while she worked. Veronica returned the next day with a large amount of pink pepper she had harvested. Today, she earns seven to eight times the amount she earned before. The family has now moved into a new home and all of the children are attending school, with her oldest preparing for university. Because of the sustainability of her income, Veronica is able to plan for her family’s future.

Another byproduct of Cō-Impact Sourcing is the opportunity for dōTERRA to actively prevent and fight human trafficking. Globally, the International Labor Organization estimates that there are 24.9 million people trapped in forced labor, including 14.2 million in industries such as agriculture, construction, domestic work and manufacturing. By cutting out the middlemen and developing personal relationships with sourcing partners, dōTERRA is able to take an active role in preventing human trafficking and supporting the expansion of human rights. In 2018, dōTERRA’s sourcing team traveled 1,237,840 miles to over 40 sourcing countries. Their time on the ground allows them to witness employment practices firsthand and provide immediate feedback, or end partnerships if there is any question of possible exploitation or slavery. dōTERRA works with suppliers who are committed to continuous improvement in their sustainability journey. In 2018 alone, these partnerships supported over 98,700 jobs and impacted over 478,000 lives[1]globally.

As the world leader in essential oils, dōTERRA is interested in having the purest, most potent essential oils, while also placing great emphasis on generating a positive global impact. By going global, dōTERRA has been able to put the right principles and processes in place in order to change the world one drop, one person, one community at a time.

[1]Based on most recent UN Data on average number of household members per country.

About dōTERRA:

dōTERRA® International is an integrative health and wellness company and the world leader in the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils market. dōTERRA sources, tests, manufactures and distributes CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and essential oil products to over seven million dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and customers. Through industry-leading responsible sourcing practices, dōTERRA maintains the highest levels of quality, purity and sustainability in partnership with local growers around the world through Cō-Impact Sourcing®. The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offers resources and tools to global sourcing communities and charitable organizations for self-reliance, healthcare, education, sanitation, and the fight against human trafficking. Through the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils, dōTERRA is changing the world one drop, one person, one community at a time. To learn more, visit www.doterra.com.

About the Author:

Missy Larsen—VP, Corporate Communications—As dōTERRA International’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Missy has spearheaded growth through interdepartmental communication, community sponsorships, and public and government relations. Her leadership and vision help sustain dōTERRA’s place as the leader in the global aromatherapy and essential oils market and as a key contributor in community initiatives and corporate charitable giving. Prior to joining dōTERRA, Missy served as Chief of Staff and Chief Communications Officer for Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes. She is a recognized community leader who has built a successful career on collaboration and results. She is the founder of Intrepid Communications, the co-founder of the Utah Refugee Connection (previously Coalition), founding chair of SafeUT, and serves on numerous boards as a volunteer.

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