Excerpt from U.S. Chamber of Commerce Above the Fold May 31, 2016. Read the entire article here.

“Entrepreneurship starts at the local level, in neighborhoods and in cities. That’s been true throughout our history, and it’s true in today’s digital age. But communities that thrived in the past aren’t guaranteed success in the new economy. Increasingly, that success is dependent on public-private cooperation, smart public policies, and a web of partnerships and collaborations.

Innovation That Matters 2016, a report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Free Enterprise, and startup incubator 1776, ranks 25 cities based on how well they attract talent, increase investment, develop specializations, connect the community, and build a culture of innovation. Our hope is that this research will help guide entrepreneurs, established industries, and cities as they work together to create the next generation of great American businesses.

In Salt Lake City the education startup scene is thriving.

EdTech is quickly becoming Salt Lake City’s strongest specialization in the new digital economy. While this is not a historical strength of the region, the data suggests that it has seen significant momentum of late. Strong engagement from anchor institutions and established businesses is a strength of the overall Salt Lake City startup environment, but there is still room for improvement when it comes to enhancing local connectivity among the entrepreneurial community.

And Salt Lake City’s startup community is gaining momentum.

alt Lake City’s ability to harness its capital base may be its most distinct advantage. While the region performs in the middle of the pack in terms of overall investment (approx. $3B), it punches well above its weight relative to its size and wealth. These numbers show that the region is already well ahead of its peers when it comes to unlocking capital and driving startup success.”

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