Ivory Innovations has opened nominations for the 4th Annual Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability.  As Americans face an ever-growing challenge to have safe and affordable housing options, the Prize seeks to elevate ambitious, feasible, and scalable solutions to housing affordability.

This year, nominees – whether entrepreneurs, startups, public-private partnerships, public entities, or non-profits – are encouraged to demonstrate how their approach can rapidly increase the affordable housing stock as our nation grapples with an ever-increasing housing shortage.

“We’re thrilled to see and support a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem of housing innovators and are looking forward to another round of amazing ideas,” said Abby Ivory, Director of Ivory Innovations.

“Since launching in 2018, the Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability has reviewed more than 600 innovative solutions. We are already seeing these innovators and the trends they represent have an outsized impact, and look forward to identifying more through this year’s Prize.”

Through Ivory Innovations, more than two hundred thousand dollars is awarded each year between winners in three award categories — Construction and Design (including both new construction and rehabilitation), Policy and Regulatory Reform, and Finance.

In addition to financial support, the Ivory Innovations network includes past nominees, capital partners, and leading research experts.

Ivory Innovations is also excited to announce a more intentional effort to support and grow the network of housing affordability innovators. This year’s Top 25 finalists will be invited to join the Ivory Innovations Council, which includes 75 leading innovators from across the United States. Additionally, to participate in the Housing Lab accelerator at the Terner Center at UC Berkeley.